Merry Christmas from the Lightspeed family!

The Lightspeeds wish you a very merry Christmas!

Lightspeed Kassiopeia:

DSC03157 DSC03161 DSC03198

her mother Lightspeed Darjeeling

DSC03190DSC03172 DSC03173

Darla’s three-quarter-brother Lightspeed Fire Flyte



Lightspeed Guinneveere and her brother Lightspeed Glenfiddich

DSC03448  DSC03549

And their mother Lady Julie:

DSC03259DSC03250 DSC03421 DSC03422 DSC03423 DSC03425DSC03469DSC03558

We wish also wish you a successful and happy New Year 2014 with excellent sheep


And as much joy and happyness with your dogs as we have with ours!!





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The Lightspeed M-litter is being planned

If everything had gone as planned, I would have liked to use Eryri Jaff for Guin’s winter litter 2013/14 again. But Guin, who absolutely loves having puppies (she would also steal them from other mothers, if need be!) could not look on while her daughter Leaf got into season without starting up her own hormone production, too! So she came into season a little bit too early, and without having any health results from the previous litter, yet, I didnt want to do the same mating again.

Happily I found a lovely Irish bred dog in beautiful Tuscany/Italy, that was happy to meat with Guin.

Cruise is a very obedient, calm and easy-going dog, who runs very well in Italian sheepdog trials! His Pedigree goes back to Toddy Lambe’s Supreme Champion Craig. At the Moment Cruise and his owner Samuele are in the Team for the World Trial 2014.

He has an ISDS and an FCI-Pedigree (KC-Export Pedigree), is HD- and ED-free, genetically CEA-normal and ophthalmologically eye tested free 2013


I did a little video of Cruise on our visit. I tried to parade him as for a confirmation show. In my opinion, it is very easy to see his lovely temperament in this part of the video. You can see how he tries to do everything right for me, even though he doesnt know me at all. His working style is very stress-less for the sheep, but he is strong enough to hold single sheep, and his owner says, he is his best dog for working stubborn rams, as they just wont get into discussions with him. Cruise makes them cooperate through his easy style of working.

The Rozzalupi farm in Italy is a beautiful place with ample space and several trial fields. They breed and train horses, who roam the big area. Inbetwee the horses, people come and train their dogs, and since everything is so spacious, no animals are being stressed, but it just works out beautifully in this way!



Our dogs had a great time in beautiful Tuscany, and we were also able to do some valuable outrun training on the huge fields. So now we are hoping for very nice winter puppies from Guin and Cruise, hopefully to be born at the end of January 2014!


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The L-litter’s progress

I am very pleased with the way the pups from the L-litter (Guin X Eryri Jaff) are developing.

Their father Jaff is doing great in trials in Holland at the Moment. He is in the World Trial Team for 2013 (as by the way also the I’s and J’s father Blackie and the K’s father Gary) Holland is a country with tough competition on the trialling field with many top handlers and excellent dogs! So it is no it is quite something to be placed in Dutch trials consistantly! The L-family will meet in Austria at New Year, when they will be one year, and very ready to take some professional training, and get to meet Jaff’s trainer and handler Susanne! We are very exited about her visit and eager to hear what Susanne has to say about the puppies!

I at least, like what I see in them very much. Some of them are quite strong and determined characters! All have great working attitude and will take no nonsense from any sheep.

This is beautiful Twix, the little red fox. He and his owner Niki are doing a great training job! I very much enjoyed seeing their progress!


Little Lightspeed Lotus Leaf is being trained on sheep, but would actually prefer bigger animals!


If she sees a cow or a horse on her way to the sheep, she will take a big detour and offer to take home the bigger animals instead!!! Of course, we very much try to discourage that, as it is much too dangerous for a young dog to do that kind of work! She will have to wait until she is fully grown and trained!!


Lightspeed Lights My Fire who lives in a Skiing region in Northern Italy has a herd of goats and sheep to atend to. But in winter, when they can count on a lot of snow, they prefer to train on a little flock of Indian Runner ducks. We have been there for a visit and can really recommend the ducks for inbetween training! They arent as fast as sheep and as a consequence they cannot get into mischief as fast. They are easy to load and Transport in a wooden box or a dog crate. You can take them to safe field, do some nice training with a young dog and take them home again much easier than having to move sheep in winter.

DSC06880DSC06891 DSC06892

This is what duck herding looks like! As you can see, you can do a lot of very practial training with those lovely little animals!

And this is what Light My Fire (Zippo’s) view from the front porch looks like:

DSC06870 DSC06871 DSC06911

Mother Guin is quite proud of her pups, too, I am sure!

SantaGiustina1012 017

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Glen 7th in Continental, Darla National Champion, Glen Vice-Nat.Ch. 2013


Lightspeed Glenfiddich, three years old, and for the second time in the Continental Team for Austria managed to not only get into the Continental Finals together with Europe’s finest dogs and handlers, but they also finished a very proud Seventh!!

Wolfgang and Glen did a brilliant job on a very difficult field. Especially the Finals day, whith two extremely long outruns and a field that was parted by an alley of trees all down the middle, so the dogs had to do one 700 metre outrun into the left field and the second outrun into the right field, was very testing and needed a dog with not only obedience but also brains and initiative!!

1098198_581750298548586_1119052191_n 1186220_581750195215263_151263726_n 1229879_10200485791648808_836722061_n

Of course, Wolfgang and Glen compete at a level that makes them difficult to beat in Austria, so it came as no surprise that Wolfgang won the National Championship again. It was the second time for Darla to to gain that title, Glen finished in second position.

DSC06725 DSC06730 DSC06732

Part of Glens’s Sunday run



I am very, very happy with my own Flyte, who ran very, very well on both days of the National Championship. We finished a slightly unlucky but no less proud Fourth, ex-equo with Caro and Sky on third place.

Flyte on Saturday:

Flyte on Sunday:


This was the trialling hill for the Austrian National Championship.

DSC06696 DSC06695

The sheep were rather typical Austrian, they needed a decicive dog, as they liked to test the dog’s strength.  The judge was Bobby Dalziel.


Bobby likes to see the dog work more than the handler in the shedding and single. So I took a little bit too big a risk with Julie in the Single ring, leaving her to decide alone for a split second too much. She decided to show a little too much initiative when she was challenged by a tough sheep. I could easily have avoided that, but as I was trying for the perfect single after a beautiful run, I didnt and we were disqualified in the Saturday run. Well, that’s the way it can go in trialling. here is the video:





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Lightspeed Jet: Third in Hungarian National Championship in Agility


Lightspeed Jet, just turned two at the end of October did absolutly brilliantly at the Hungarian National Championships in Agility: She finished third with these great runs out of 93 Open competitors! Very well done, and of course, marvellously trained and handled by Julia!! Enjoy:

And here is Julia’s blog for those who want to read more or follow little Jet’s further adventures! ( I really hope, Julia decides to breed Jet somtime! The two of them have already managed the 70 points in trial class 1 necessary for breeding under the ASDS-rules whith very little training in between there Agility-preparations! So, they do really well, I think!)

Also something to be proud of: In September 2013 Lightspeed Aragorn finished in 10th place at the Austrian Agility National Championship! There were 147 teams to beat! So I think that was very well done!! This is Aragorn:

His brother Lightspeed Antares has begun competing in the Oldies class after a long and very successful career in competitive Agility. This Autumn he was Landesmeister in the Oldies Class (Champion of the County Wien/Niederösterreich)

The A-litter has turned 9 years this Autumn, but all are still going strong!

There two years younger full sister (Zony X Celtic) Lightspeed Candy is also still running eminently in Agility: here is a recent competition:

Meanwhile the younger generation has taken up competing: Here is lovely and elegant Lightspeed Jinx (Guin X Blackie), who is runnig with great success in class 1 in Germany now.

 1230069_581699538555437_1455442486_n 1240645_581699478555443_768189518_n1236003_581699125222145_1063986520_n


Mother Guin, Lightspeed Guinneveere (Julie X Joe) looks like this in training:


Due to my work appointments in summer and the trialling season in Autumn she hasnt been competing for a few months. But here is a training session:

Guin’s sister Lightspeed Gillian doing very well in Agility class 1. In this competition they came second. Soon they will move up to class 2.


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Flyte’s son Vinnie flies to the USA!


Meet cute little C’est la Vie Banataj Wind, the cute and bold little Flyte-son. Born in the beautiful Czech Republic he crossed the ocean and flew to Chicago at the age of 10 weeks! What a journey for such a small puppy! Nancy, the proud new owner, says he came out of his travelling box in undiminished good humour and dry as a bone after 10 hours of flight! What a brave boy! Vinnie, as he is called for short, is now being trained for competitive Obedience and will also be presented in the show ring! Good luck, little man!! We are looking forward to following your adventures on the other side of the world!!!

565033_440351166084785_556803360_n 1175136_440351492751419_662023986_n 1185023_440350966084805_26580457_n 1186216_440350802751488_301731962_n7668_440350679418167_1867127432_n

DSC06692 DSC06694 DSC06690 DSC06686 DSC06684

Vinnie’s travel over the ocean was organized by the Austrian company “Animals First”, who are specialized in transporting all kinds of animals around world- often dogs ranging from show dogs or puppies to security and police dogs, but mostly Zoo animals and increasingly birds of prey, and homing pigeons, who are seemingly experiencing a big revival!!

I am very happy that Vinnie’s flight went without any Problems and that he has had such a great start with his new family so far away!!

Here are some pictures from Vinnie’s Czech family. When I visited the kennel Banataj Wind to get to know the pups a bit better, I was also shown the working ability of his grand-parents Ixi and Cheero at the well-known Dajavera-kennel! The litters mother Isabeau and her parents did great, and it was a pleasure how well they all worked with me straight away without knowing me at all! 🙂


Isabeau Dajavera, and below Isabeau to the right and her parents Ixi and Cheero.


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Congratulations to LS Jet and LS Hyperspace

21418_572625652774284_979221167_n 945834_10152473455171953_856213712_n

The next generation of wonderful Lightspeed sporting dogs has successfully started their Agility careers: Lightspeed Jet chose the big Blue Danube Trophy competition for their Agility debut, and it was a great success: Both Julia and Jet showed excellent nerves and perfect preparatory training: The competition went on for four days. Not only has the team managed to win into the second performance class in this single weekend, but they also came second over-all in the LK1-ranking. With that result they were qualified for the finals (the first 15 of each class were chosen for the finals on the last day) and they came there with a clean run! What a great debut!! Congratulations, Julia and Jet!! Great work!

Here is the video of Jet’s runs:

181411_3052824535649_260902707_n197814_3052823935634_1484281908_n246694_3052822695603_43823456_n936351_3052828575750_2060578241_n 1150822_3352956598763_412382907_n

Cute little Lightspeed Hyperspace also had a successful Agility weekend: He was second with a clean run in LK1 at the Fuggerturnier in Augsburg. Well done, Lisa and Gordy!!! All the good training work is coming together now!! Video:


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