Training: Obedience

So which is YOUR favorite style:

1.) Canine Freestyle:  Tina Humphrey Crufts 2009:

Funny circus routines using Obedience moves and individual tricks set to music

2.) Heelwork to music: Mary Ray Crufts 2009:

With a little more focus on heelwork instead of tricks and stunts

3. Continental Canine Freestyle 2008:

4.) World Championship 2009: 1st place:

5.) World Championship 2009: Golden Retriever on 2.nd place:

6.) British style Obedience at Crufts 2008:

Hand held close to body, dog works so close to the leg that you can`t see the light between the dog and the leg of his handler, high action of dog`s front paws is desirable

7.) Continental style (Italian) Obedience 2006:

All the exercises of the highest clas of Continental Obedience: handler`s hands must swing “naturally” beside body, directional sendaways and retrieve

8.) German Schutzhund Obedience 2004: maximum energy, less focus on exactness:

9) The new standard in Schutzhund Obedience: World Champion 2010 Mia Skogster:

Historical footage:

10.) DDR Championship 1973: at least one German Shepherd is starting to look like he likes working for his master (even though you can see how the stops were trained!) The military roots of this training are still obvious with exercises like high wall jumps and crawling.

11.) 1933 Dutch police dogs, nothing at all that we would call exact heelwork today, only what is needed for getting the work done.

P.S.: I hasten to add that I own no rights to any of those
You-Tube-clips. I`m just guessing that whoever put them on You-Tube won`t mind my spreading them. If you look at the films you will find the copyright owners, who have all the credit. In case anyone of the owners minds my posting their clip in my blog, please don`t hesitate to contact me and I`ll take it off immediately!


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