Lightspeed Border Collie stud dogs


We have a new young stud dog in our kennel. Irish import

Toryhill Nick


Toryhill Nick

father: Int. Sup. Ch. Glencregg Silver

mother: Jess


*25.12. 2015

CEA-, PRA-, Kat.-, glaucoma-free as a puppy and 01/17

HD-, ED-, OCD-free

height: 55 cm, 21 kg

Nick is a happy, strong and energetic dog, friendly to everyone and with endless stamina. He will compete in sheepdog trials when the 2017-trial-season starts.



Lightspeed Fire Flyte

2011  ÖCBH Österreichischer Meister Trial Kl.2

2010 ÖCBH Vize-Österreichischer Meister Trial Kl.1

2012: trial class 3: Austrian team member in the Continental Sheepdog Championship 

Austrian Show Champion

BORC 2201, ISDS Flyte 299739

* 02. 12. 08

mother: ÖCH Lady Julie, 4 x Continental Team Member, GH3, BGH3, A3

father: ÖCH Lightspeed Aragorn,  A 3, BGH 3, GH1, Trial 2

Flyte’s health:

HD-, ED-, OCD-free,

CEA-, PRA-, cat.-free at 6 weeks of age and 06/10, 06/11, 07/12 and 11/13

genetically CEA-normal (Optigen)

free from TNS by parentage

free from MDR1-defect (MDR1 +/+)

Flyte’s trials:

BGH3, GH3, Agility 3,

Trial class 3 (open class),

Continental Team Member 2012

Vice-Austrian Herding Champion trial cl.1 2010,

Austrian National Champion trial cl.2 in 2011

3rd in ÖCBH- Herding-Cup trial class 1 in 2010

1st in ÖCBH-Herding Cup trial class 2 in 2011

7th in National Championship trial class 3 in 2012,

4th in National Championship trial class 3 in 2013

Austrian Show Champion

Flyte with his mother Lady Julie, four times Continental team member as well as Austrian Show Champion (although from pure British working lines)


In training he is extremely easy to handle, as he has a great will to please and his mother’s exceptional intelligence.

At only one year of age he has won his first Obedience trial (BGH1), two trial cl. 1 runs, and come third in a third one.

In the meantime, from his third birthday on, he is running in the highest performance classes of Obedience, Agility and in open class trials.

Titles: Austrian National Champion trial cl.2 2011 and Vice-National Champion cl.1 2010, Austrian Show Champion (conditions fulfilled 2013)


Flyte’s youtube-clip:
Flyte in Birgit Trawöger’s difficult Computer touch screen study: “Matching to Opposite” (he is supposed to nose-click the symbol he has not been shown before:)

Here he is running an Agility Jumping in summer 2012, class 3 (third place)

And and Open Jumping, spring 2012:

And a slow-motion video of Flyte in a class 3 Agility-run from March 2013 (second place)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Lightspeed Fire Flyte is the most affectionate and cuddly Border Collie boy I have ever seen. He just loves to cuddle up to me, lying on top of me or at least as close as possible, even in the greatest summer heat, he wants to be as near as possible. It’s really no wonder I love him very much indeed. He’s working so hard on his bond with me!


He also has very, very expressive eyes and thousands of different easy-to-read expressions: quite unique for a dog! His high intelligence shows in his comunication talent, not only through his facial expressions, but also through a great variety of small and expressive “talking” sounds. 🙂

Up until spring 2017 Flyte has produced ten litters of mostly black/white pups. In one litter he had some blue merle pups from a blue merle mother. All his puppies are very healthy and are showing lots of promise and talent, as well as the typical stamina for Flyte’s breeding line! One pup has less than ideal hips but without an official hips-score.

I think that is an excellent breeding statsitic for Flyte


In Slovenia:

Lightspeed Everest BORC 1999, ISDS May

*04. 01. 08

father: Ace del Mulino Prudenza,

mother: Canyonland Arizona Dream

HD-, ED-, OCD-free, CEA-, PRA-, cat.-free with 6 weeks and 09/09

genetically CEA-free,

Agility 1

May has successfully been shown at a confirmation show in Austria and been approved for breeding in the FCI. He is recommended for breeding in Slovenia and has had eleven big  litters of healthy puppies up til now. He carries tricolour and sable!

May is a happy and energetic dog who shows no signs of slowing down, allthough he is nine years already. He has an excellent health and performance statistic for his offspring.

Please contact May’s owner Marko Porenta:


Lightspeed Eliott, BORC 2001 , ISDS Eliott

*04. 01. 08

father: Ace del Mulino Prudenza,

mother: Canyonland Arizona Dream

HD-, ED-, OCD-free,

CEA-, PRA-, cat.-free with 6 weeks and 09/09 and 2013

genetically CEA-CL-free, MDR1-normal

BGH1, BGH3, GH2,

Agility 2, farmertrial, herding aptitude test (97/100)

Angekört (recommended for breeding by the Austrian FCI-Club. This recommendation contains a temperament test)

Eliott is not only highly talented in dog sport, fast but always willing to listen, but he also has a very charming personality: always friendly, also with other male dogs, eager to do as he is told, but quite self-assured as well. He would also be a very useful sheepdog if he had the time to train more.

He is the father some lovely and healthy litters, that do well in sports!

His sisters and brothers are especially good Agility dogs and competing at a very high level.

Eliott’s HP:


In Germany and new as a stud dog

Lightspeed Hyperspace BORC 2587, ISDS  Gordy AT/311870,

owner: Lisa Kasel Seibert (Passau, Germany)


* 8. Mai 2010

father: Ballyglass Cliff

Swiss national champion trial class 3, Continental team member 2008

mother:  Canyonland Arizona Dream,  BRDC 906, ISDS  Zony 273452

Trial class 3, Continental team member 2007

health results:

CEA-PRA-Kat-MPP free (21.Jan.2013)

CEA/CH genetically normal by Optigen (7.Feb.2013, #13-1077)

HD-A1,  ED 0-0,   OCD free (21.Jan.2013)

free MDR1-defect  (18.Feb.2013

TNS: genetically normal (18.Feb.2013)

colour: black and white

size: 50 cm   weight: 15Kg

Show: Sehr Gut (very good), Salzburg/Anif 20.Mai 2012

sport results: Mantrialing, BH, Agility LK1

Gordy is scheduled to start in trial class 1 in 2013. He has very nice pacing, good power, beautiful flanks and excellent obedience.

Gordy is a very happy and friendly character that loves to please and is very easy to train.

Here is a little vidoe of Gordy showing his tricks:


Gordy has produced one litter with a blue merle bitch. Probably due to the merle colouring one pup is nearly deaf on one ear.

If you are interested in Gordy, please email Lisa, his owner:



In Switzerland:

Swiss Youth-Champion, BOB

Lightspeed Express to Coldstream,

BORC 2000, LOS 677007
ISDS Press 295178

father: Ace del Mulino Prudenza,

mother: Canyonland Arizona Dream

HD-B, ED-, OCD-free, CEA-, PRA-, cat.-free with 6 weeks,

genetically CEA-free,

Swiss Youth Champion

Agility 3




  1. Laura Barry said

    Is the picture of Flyte with Lady Julie copyright?

    • synve1 said

      If you want use it, please tell me where it will be shown and state the names of the dogs, please.

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