Lightspeed Guineveere and Lightspeed Glenfiddich

Glen and Guin


From the wonderful Lightspeed G-litter, born on the of Febuary 2010 we kept a boy and a girl: Lightspeed Guineveere and Lightspeed Glenfiddich, alias Guin and Glen!

mother: Lady Julie (Scrimgeour’s Ben X Gouttè’s Flair) (see Julie’s own page)

father: Bobby Dalziel’s International Supreme Champion, Scottish National Champion Joe of Roweburn, ISDS 272330, KC AK0900937, HDA, CEA-, PRA-, Kat.-free09, genetically CEA-normal

More info about Joe can be found at:

Lightspeed Glenfiddich (Glen)

Glen is a happy, friendly and open dog, who went on to become a world-class sheepdog who was National Champion as well as Sixth in the Contintal Finals in 2014.

Lightspeed Guineveere (Guin) ist a loving and very talented bitch with fantastic moves and jumps for Agility and frisbee. She can also have fantastic runs in Open class sheepdog trials.

She has had three litters with very successful puppies, that are doing very well in dog-sports and trials.

Sadly we had to pull her from our breeding program as she produced epilepsy in two cases with fathers that had never had another pup with epilepsy before.

Brother Glen was never used for breeding, because he is sterile. In the light of Guin’s seemingly carrying eplilepsy, that is maybe a good thing.

Lady Julie, Trial Kl. 3, Continental Team Member ‘07, ‘08, ‘09, GH3, BGH3, A2, ISDS 276433, KC AF0901309, ÖCBH 1434, HDA, CEA-, PRA-, Kat-free ‘09, genetically CEA-carrier, genetically TNS-normal, has her own page on this blog, in case you want to have a look.

Julie is just a wonderful bitch to own and compete with. She has passed through the classes in Obedience as well as sheepdog trial in record time, running in the highest Obedience class as well as the Continental team at two and a half years old. She has also given us the Lightspeed D- and F-litter, from with we have kept our wonderful Darla and Flyte (who also have sites of their own on this blog) Darla won our club’s open trial cup 2009, aged two and a half and was qualified for all the Continentals and World Trials since 2010.

Lightspeed Glenfiddich and Lightspeed Guinness



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