Lightspeed Fire Flyte

Lightspeed Fire Flyte

Austrian Show Champion

recommended for breeding by the Austrian club ÖCBH (for lifetime)

2011  Austrian National Champion trial class.2

2010 ÖCBH vice-National Champion trial classl.1

2012: trial class 3: Austrian team member in the Continental Sheepdog Championship 

2014: first place in Open class in the Easter sheepdog trial St. Chrapowo, Poland

2015: second on the first day of the Austrian National-Championship trial cl.3

2015: third place in open class trial in Hárskút, Hungary

2015: Fifth in Austrian Border Collie Championship ((Agility cl3)


BORC 2201, ISDS Flyte 299739

* 02. 12. 08

mother: ÖCH Lady Julie, 4 x Continental Team Member, GH3, BGH3, A3

father: ÖCH Lightspeed Aragorn,  A 3, BGH 3, GH1, Trial 2

Flyte’s health:

HD-, ED-, OCD-free,

genetically CEA-normal (Optigen)

free from TNS by parentage

free from MDR1-defect (MDR1 +/+)


CEA-, PRA-, cat.-free at 6 weeks of age and yearly until 12/16


(In Austria further eye tests are no longer necessary after the age of seven)



Flyte’s trials:

BGH3, GH3, Agility 3,

Trial class 3 (open class),

Continental Team Member 2012

Vice-Austrian Herding Champion trial cl.1 2010,

Austrian National Champion trial cl.2 2011

3rd in ÖCBH- Herding-Cup trial class 1 2010

1st in ÖCBH-Herding Cup trial class 2 2011

7th in National Championship trial class 3 2012,

Austrian Show Champion

Flyte with his mother Lady Julie, four times Continental team member as well as Austrian Show Champion (although from pure British working lines)


Flyte is a three-quarter brother to Wolfgang Lipczenko’s internationally extremely successful trial bitch Lightspeed Darjeeling (Darla)


In training he has always been extremely easy to handle. He has a great will to work and to please and his mother’s exceptional intelligence.

At only one year of age he has won his first Obedience trial (BGH1), two trial cl. 1 runs, and come third in a third one.

In the meantime, from his third birthday on, he is running in the highest performance classes of Obedience, Agility and in open class trials. He went through all his classes really, really fast, especially if you take into account that he was learning three sports at once.

Training him for herding turned out very easy. He surprised me by understanding situations and helping without commands, for example in penning, when he still was very young and had nearly never put sheep in a pen at all.

Titles: Austrian National Champion trial cl.2 2011 and Vice-National Champion cl.1 2010, Austrian Show Champion (conditions fulfilled 2013)


Flyte’s youtube-clip, including puppy training and sheepdog trial cl.2:
Flyte in Birgit Trawöger’s difficult Computer touch screen study: “Matching to Opposite” (he is supposed to nose-click the symbol he has not been shown before:)

Here he is running an Agility Jumping in summer 2012, class 3 (third place)

And an Open Jumping, spring 2012:

Agility WCH-qualification 2016


When he was young, Lightspeed Fire Flyte was the most affectionate and cuddly Border Collie boy I had ever seen. He just loved to cuddle up to me, lying on top of me or at least as close as possible, even in the greatest summer heat, he wanted to be as near as possible. It’s really no wonder I love him very much indeed. He’s worked so hard on his bond with me!



Flyte grew up to be a proud adult, who wants his family show him a bit of respect. He has some rules, for example puppies have to behave nicely and not play to loud or on top of him. Also, nobody is to laugh after 10 pm, or he leaves the room, shaking his head in annoyance! 🙂

He likes to play rough and tumble games with dogs, so his best play-mate is a big Tervueren-bitch, because Guin, Julie and Nora only like running games with no physical contact. 🙂

Flyte has very, very expressive eyes and thousands of different easy-to-read expressions: quite unique for a dog! His high intelligence shows in his comunication talent, not only through his facial expressions, but also through a great variety of small and expressive “talking” sounds. 🙂

Flyte’s main characteristics:

1. Intelligence, thinking a lot. When he was very young he taught himself the names of the train stations, where we use to get out of the train. We always get passenger remarks, it is so clear he understands and knows to get up and ready to get out, as soon as the announcement comes.

He also worked in a complicated touch-screen-study in the university’s Clever Dog Lab, learning to form theories about pictures on the screen, that were so difficult that only one other dog in the study except Flyte was able to learn the concept.

2. Extreme versatility and easy to teach new tricks. His pups also excell in many different sports, also Search and Rescue, which we have left out til now.

3. Calm in the house, but ready for action, when there is something to do. He is also calm and well versed in any kind of stressful environment.

4. Fantastic health. Not only his health tests are all perfect, but also he has never needed a vet except for vaccinations and breeding health tests. His 65 pups from 10 litters have also a very impressive health record.

His reproductive system including sperm count was checked at the veterinary clinic in Vienna in summer 2016 and he is in excellent reproductive shape.

5. Very good looks. Never mind the show look, where dogs are expected to have shorter legs and more than double the coat that Flyte has. In my opinion, a Border Collie that is still fit to run in sporting events or work as a sheepdog can not be any more beautiful than Flyte. Any step further towards the show winning standards would in my opinion detract from the working ability. More coat and heavier bones would make the dog too slow. So for me Flyte is the optimum package of health, beauty, trainabilty and versatile talent.

Up until now Flyte is the father of ten litters. The pups are healthy and are showing very well. There is one pup with a blue eye and one with a part blue eye. One has a less than perfect hip-score on one hip. But all in all that is an excellent statistic for 65 pups, I think.

Things to be careful of when using Flyte as a stud-dog:

As a dog with a lot of working drive and intelligence, also Flyte’s pups will need training to be considered nice-to-live-with-dogs. Some families that couldnt find the time to train properly were overwhelmed by their pups power. A story that is common for Border Collies.

Flyte is a proud and intelligent dog and can be bossy with lifeforms he considers inferior, for example children and puppies. Some of his pups seem to be the same. So be ready to control any hints of herding kids and bossing other small dogs.

When I say controll, I certainly mean controll with fairness and consequence, but without any brutality. I think, proud dogs can be turned aggressive if you correct them unfairly or in anger.

Flyte would not be a good choice for a bitch that is reactive-aggressive or emotionally instable, as his wish to controll would not combine well with that, I think.

In my opinion Flyte’s best litters are the ones with happy bitches, that needed some vitality, fire, stamina and possibly herding instinct added to the genetic make-up of the pups.






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