Lightspeed Darjeeling

Lightspeed Darjeeling, BORC 1802 , ISDS Darla 289412,

* 05. 03. 07

father: Whenway Celtic Tradition

mother: Lady Julie

HD-free (0/0), TNS-normal b.p.,

CEA-, PRA-, cat-free at 6 weeks and 09/09 and 06/10, 2011 and 2013, 2015 and 2017

CEA-genetically free

DSC07608 DSC07616

In 2012 Darla had a litter with Serge v.d. Zweep’s fantastic Continetal Champion Gary.

In June 2014 Darla had a litter with Italian World Trial and Continental Team Member Cruise of my Heart.

A young Darla in trial class 3 (open trial), winner of the ÖCBH-cup 2009 in class 3, qualified for the Continental Sheepdog Championship 2010

Darla can only be described in one word: she’s perfect. Extremely talented, with her father’s easy-going temperament and bomb-prove nerves and excellent health results, there is just nothing left to wish for.

 Darla is Wolfgang’s darling

Darla won the National Championship in trial cl.1 in 2008 and has had a great first season in open class trials 2009, which she started at two years of age in spring 2009 (winning the ÖCBH-cup by a high margin and the ASDS-cup in class 2 with only two spring trials before she moved up in class 3)

Since she has been Austrian National Champion in class 3 twice and Vice National Champion once.

She ran in the Continental 2010, 2011 and 2013, as well as the World trial in 2011. She will also be in the World Trial team 2014.

She is an extremely consistent trialling bitch, and of course she works every day, too.


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