Lightspeed breeding lines


Canyonland Arizona Dream, “Zony”, our foundation bitch, allways full of enthusiasm to work, never content to watch! Coming from a mostly show background she was a real working bitch nevertheless. She ran in trial class 3, competed at the Continental Sheepdog Championship.

The Lightspeed A- and C-litter were children of Canyonland Arizona Dream and Whenway Celtic Tradition.


Celtic was a great dog with a bomb-proof temperament and power and stamina enough for ten dogs! He competed in the Agility World Championship in his youth and went on to do sheepdog trials and Obedience, everything with 120 percent enthusiasm!

The children of those two dogs combined the high drive and work ethic with the lovely temperaments of their parents.

Some were the foundations of new kennels, for example lovely Lightspeed Candy, who has three litters in the Austrian Starlight kennel, as well as being a wonderful and fast Agility bitch.


And this is Lightspeed Aragorn, “Cedric”, who is a popular stud dog, has fathered a few wonderful litters in his home kennel “vom Sonnigen Garten” and is also the father of the Lightspeed F-litter. Cedric is a very versatile dog, who is running in the highest Agility class, finished his Show Championship, is recommended for breeding by the Austrian club for British Sheepdogs and was also trained for sheepdog trials and Obedience, both of which he picked up in no time in some holiday training sessions.


The third litter from Zony was the E-litter, whose father was the wonderful and also extremely versatile Ace of Mulino Prudenza. Multi Show Champion Ace was a high-achieving Agility and Obedience-dog, who also ran in sheepdog trials and was even trained in protection work (Schutz) for fun. He was a power-horse of a dog, with a lovely open and happy temperament, that he has passed on to his offspring, along with an explosive will-to-go in dog sports! 🙂


Because of the E’s talent for acceleration and jumping and their high will-to-please they, as well as their children are excellent Agility dogs, that would surely also do very well in Obedience.


Lightspeed Elaine to the left. To the right the breeding bitches in the Austrian Starlight kennel: Lightspeed Candy, her daughter Belly of Austrian Starlight and Lightspeed Elaine, all very fast Agility bitches.

Zony’s fourth and last litter yielded only two puppies, Lightspeed Hyperspace and Lightspeed Hypersonic. The father was Ballyglass Cliff, whom we would have loved to use at stud again, but who died young due a tragic accident. He was Swiss Champion in trial class 3 aged three years, in which year he also competed at the Continental Sheepdog Championship. He impressed me not only by his lovely free movements but also by a rare and precious ability: more than just being highly obedient and talented, he managed to fit small helpful moves in between the commands from his handler, that made things better than if he had just done what he was told!


Of the two H-pups only one is being trained, as the girl’s family got two children in a row after adopting Io, Lightspeed Hypersonic and suddenly found themselves with less time than they had planned. But we hope we can do a litter with Io maybe in 2014, so we can preserve her wonderful genes for future generations. Even though Io has the same talents and abilities as Gordy she is a wonderful, obedient and happy family dog even without any training.

Her brother Gordy, Lightspeed Hyperspace is trained to his full potential, is competing in Agility trials and learnig a lot of cute tricks. He also shows great talent in sheepdog training.


In 2004 I imported Lady Julie from Roy Gouttè in Cornwall, England. Julie is a fantastic bitch, an absolute natural in sheepdog training. She ran in the highest trial and Obedience-class by the age of two years and competed in the Continental Sheepdog Championship for the first time at the age of two and a half. She was Austrian team member for four years in a row, after that she was reserve because three of her children were in the team! She also ran in Agility. After reaching the highest Agility class she went on the compete in Junior class with Julia, a talented young handler, who also competes in Obedience with her. Julie is very easy to handle and to train with a great work ethic.


Julie’s first litter, sired by Celtic produced only one pup, but a special one. That is Wolfgang’s Lightspeed Darjeeling, Darla, a one-man bitch who only listens to Wolfgang but who is extremely talented and devoted to her master. She is winning sheepdogs trials in series and has been placed in many international trials as well as been in the Austrian Continental team three times now. She was Austrian National Champion twice and Vice-National Champion once. (that time her half-brother Glen won the championship)

flytejulieSusisFotosMaerz12 106

The second litter by Julie was sired by Lightspeed Aragorn and produced five great pups, who combine good looks, brains and talent in abundancy.

This is Flow, who does great in Obedience:


Brother Fynn managed a BGH3-Obedience trial with the perfect score of 100/100 points by the age of two years and is a working sheepdog.

Frodo does great in Agility and Obedience. Free Spirit is handled by a Swiss Young handler in sheepdog training.

And my own Lightspeed Fire Flyte was in the highest trial-, Obedience- and Agility-class by the age of three and a Continental Sheepdog Championship Team Member with three and a half.

The next litter by Julie was sired by dual Supreme Champion Joe of Roweburn.
The G-litter shows lots of natural ability and great sheep sense, and their specialty is their supreme athletic ability. They are also very friendly, happy and honest dogs and not at all sensitive to sounds or shots, as many Border Collies are.

553757_547034118643547_965896222_n SantaGiustina1012 017guin

This is my Guin, Lightspeed Guinnevere, who loves doing Obedience, is a very fast Agility bitch and a very nice trialling bitch, too.

Her brother Glen has competed at the Continental sheepdog Championship with Wolfgang and ben placed in many trials.

Guin had three litters, one by Blackie of Conquest (J-litter) and one by Eryri Jaff ( L-litter) and one at the beginning of 2014 with Italian World Trial Team Member, but Irish bred Cruise (M-litter).



blackie2 blackie7


Blackie of Conquest

Also Julie had a litter with Blackie. The three puppies from the I-litter are fast runners and easy to handle.

jethuet   rebenlandundregau0612 051

And this is beautiful black Lightspeed Hypersonic, the sister of brilliant little all-rounder Lightspeed Hyperspace.


HD, ED and OCD

When it comes to health most Lightspeed litters have excellent scores. We have a  litter statistic (at the moment only in German, but possibly understandable anyway) which is to be found here.

It is very important to us to be open about the results of our breeding.

The litters from the Zony-, Celtic- and Julie-lines have very good scores when it comes to health.

We had one puppy each with OCD that had to be operated in the G-litter and the J-litter. Both dogs (Guinness and Jinx) are fully recovered and are doing very well in Agility.

Flow has one hip that is scored D, but she is not bothered by it at all and is winning a lot of trophies in Obedience.



Now the sad part of the Lightspeed story: epilepsy

On this picture above you can see Flyte, Julie, his mother, and Guin, her daughter by Joe of Roweburn. We very much admired Joe for his fantastic abilities in sheepdog trialling.

But sadly, Guin (Julie X Joe) seems to carry a gene or a gene combination for epilepsy. Guin had three litters, the J-litter from Blacky, where OCD in one case was the worst health problem. But in the following two litters one pup each developed epilepsy. Lotus Leaf from the L-litter (Guin X Eryri Jaff) got it when she was one and a half years old and the following litter, the M-litter had  already moved out to their new homes. Leaf survived only for half a year after her first seizures.

We were of course shocked and decided to wait with breeding until we knew more. But sadly, also a pup from the M-litter (Guin X Cruise of My Heart) was hit by seizures. Cody, Lightspeed Mastermind started fitting in spring 2016, when he was a little over two years old.

It was a very hard blow personally because we love the dogs we breed and dont want to see them hit by that terrible illness. For the Lightspeed kennel it was a hard blow, too, as we had to sterilize Guin and put most of the breeding plans of her wonderful children on ice.

That was not an easy decision to make as she has produced especially nice offspring, very affectionate, easy to handle and very successful in everything they do.

Looking back it is a fact that the brilliant Supreme Champion Joe of Roweburn seems to be a carrier of epilepsy. But that was not known when I used him on Julie.

From Julie, Guin’s mother, and the other offspring of Julie, like Flyte and Darla there have not been any cases of epilepsy, so it seems a reasonable deduction that it is specifically Guin that carried the genetic material that produced the illness.

Also the stud-dogs that produced epilepsy with Guin seem to have produced it only with her. I have not heard of any other cases. Below is the wonderful Eryri Jaff, father of Guin’s L-litter, who died tragically of cancer in Autumn 2015 shortly after a brave and brilliant run in the Continental finals in Italy.

Neither he nor the father of the M-litter, Cruise of my Heart, have other known fitting offspring . So we hope we can effectively minimize the damage the the breed population by not using Guin again. She was sterilized 2016.


This is Cruise, a wonderful Italian dog from Irish lines, the father of the M- and N-litter.


Years ago we had to “close” a breeding line we had just begun, when Syp’s Belle, a wonderful and talented smooth coated tricolour bitch produced a litter with on epileptic dog, one with severe ED and one with very bad hips. All three had to be put to sleep very young. In this case the decision not to breed from Syp’s Belle again was not a difficult one.

But with Guin, it hit our established line that we love and cherish. It is heart-breaking. Please save some healing thoughts for Cody, Lightspeed Mastermind, whose owners bravely do everthing they can to keep the fits at bay. Hopefully he can have many good years still.


New hope:

The Lightspeed kennel’s new hope rests in Darla’s (Julie X Celtic) children. Kass is by Serge van der Zweep’s Continental Champion Gary. Kass herself is a wonderful sheepdog, fast and honest and powerful. We hope to have a litter with Kass in Autumn 2017.

And Nora is by Cruise. She is a fast, smart and fun little bitch, very good for dog sports due to her speed and agility, but also a very exact and good sheepdog. She was mated with Joe at BAW at the end of Febuary 2017.

The idea was to find a calm and steady dog with known offspring without a history of epilepsy. Joe seems to be that kind of dog, so please, Lightspeed-fans, keep your fingers crossed.





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