Freni di Modena


Freni di Modena, BORC 2198, ISDS Freni  292754,
Chip.Nr.: 380098101340004
* 04.06.2007 bred by G. Canopoli in DogCity, Modena, Italy
father: Glen (ISDS 244489), Continental Champion 2005,
World Trial 2005:
                                         Continental 2007: 2. place
mother: Mist (ISDS 277962), trial class 3 (open trial)
CEA-, PRA-, KAT-free at 6 weeks and 07/2008
HD-E (severe, but showing no pain or other problems)
Hütehundeprüfung, farmertrial, trial cl. 1,2,3
ASDS-Cup 2008: 4th place, trial cl. 1
ÖCBH-Cup 2009: 3rd place, trial cl.2
ASDS-Cup 2009: 4th place, trial cl.2
Trial class 3
Obedience 3
Agility 1
As Freni just didnt want to be friends with my Julie, she now lives with a good friend, Daniela, and her other two Border Collie girls Moony and Pacha, as well as a small herd of sheep, some cats and a flock of hens. She is a very happy girl, doing everything with great enthusiasm.

Her hips notwithstanding Freni is a fun dog to own, always in the mood for play, outstandingly friendly and extremely motivated for anything. Freni is a the type of dog that makes good friends easily. She is always the one all other dogs want to play with and the one with all the “good ideas” for new games!

She has her own special way of communicating- she never barks, but has her own special ooooOOOO-howl, that she modulates expertly according to her mood.

Some video clips:

Freni di Modena shedding sheep:

Freni di Modena practicing heelwork under distraction:

Freni: trial cl. 1, Neujahrstrial 2009:


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