Canyonland Arizona Dream

Canyonland Arizona, BRDC 906, ISDS Zony 273452

* 16. 07. 02,

mother: Borderline Country Sky

father: Cinlock Catchword

HD-free, CEA-, PRA-, cat-free 09/09,

genetically CEA-free, genetically TNS-normal,

trial cl. 3, (open class) Continental team member 2007,

Agility 1, BGH1

Zony, although mostly showbred, managed to get so far in trialling, that she qualified for the Continental team 2007. She is an ardent sheep-worker, who would work her feet off, never admitting to tiredness.

Zony is the mother of three wonderful Lightspeed-litters: the A-, C- and E-litter. She has passed on her excellent friendly and happy temperament and her high motivation to up til now 24 Lightspeeds, many of whom run very well in dog sports, some of them have also been  the successful foundation for new Border Collie kennels, for example “vom sonnigen Garten”, “Austrian Starlight” and “Lowland Plains”.

In spring/summer 2010 we would like to conclude Zony’s breeding career with a litter by Swiss National herding Champion Ballyglass Cliff.


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