Lady Julie

Lady Julie, BORC 1434, ISDS Julie 276433, KC  AF0901309
Microchip No. 981000000355580
* 17. 11. 04, bred by Roy Gouttè in Cornwall, England
father: D. Scrimgeour’s Supreme 5th Ben
mother: Roy Gouttè’s Flair
 Flyte and his mother Julie

1 CAC,
CEA-, PRA-, Kat-free with 6 weeks,  12/06, 07/08, 09/09 and 01/11),
CEA-Carrier (Optigen), TNS-normal,
HD-A (0/0)

father: D. Scrimgeour’s Ben
mother: R. Goutté’s Flair

Trial Kl3 (Open trial) Continental team member 07/07/09/10
Übedience: BGH 1, BGH 3, GH1, GH2, GH3,
Agility 1, 2
Second in ÖCBH-Cup 2007, Third in ÖCBH-Obedience-Cup 2007, Third in ASDS-Open-Trial-Cup 2008, Second in ÖCBH-Cup 2010, Fourth in ASDS-Cup 2010

 Videos: Agility:

Continental team Member:

Julie has been a pleasure to own and train. She’s extremely smart, learns very quickly, and passed throught the classed in sheepdog trialling and Obedience in record time, making the Continental team as well as the highest Obedience class by the time she was two and a half years old.

She is a stylish worker with fast reactions, but calm, when not working.

Julie also likes to do Agility, but there are very few free weekends left to compete in that sport.

Julie is the mother of the Lightspeed D-, F- and G-litter.
We are extremely proud of our own Lightspeed Darjeeling, who is doing very well in open class trials by now, and my little Lightspeed Fire Flyte is an inspiration and joy, as well. Both have their own sites on this blog.

Julie has a special little hobby: she finds small things!!!! (and I mean SMALL things, only- if they are more than the size of a coin they are not of interest to Julie any longer!!!)

At home this can be quite practical, as she is sure to find and retrieve to my lap any coins, needles (!!!!), nails (!!!!) and other small objects that somehow reach the ground! Julie is sure to find all the small things nobody knows where they disappear to, normally!

Nothing ever gets lost or into the hands of the “Borrowers”, with Julie in the home!


When she lays her findings carefully on my lap I get this most smug and proud look by her, that says: “Whatever would you do without me.”

It can be a bit embarrassing when visiting friends, because she will keep finding small lost thing until the friends dont think it’s any amusing any longer because they then start to feel like she is pointing out all the places they havn’t cleaned and vaccuumed properly!!!

It’s very sad her skill doesnt stretch to lost socks or even lost paper money, or it would be even more usefull!



  1. Sabrina said

    hello, I would like an information: When will the next litter Julie and who is the father of the puppies? Do you have availability of a female?

    T.Y. & compliments


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