Nora X Joe

On the  Feb. 25. 2017 Lightspeed Narnia was mated by Joe at BAW.

Lightspeed Narnia (Nora):

HD-, ED-, OCD-free,

ophthalmologically free of eye diseases (incl. glaucoma) as a puppy as well as 11/15 and 01/17

CEA-, TNS-, IGS- and MDR-1-normal

Trial cl.2, Hütehundeprüfung, Agility 2

Vice Austrian Champion in trial cl.1 2015

Third in Austrian Championship in trial cl2. 2016

Nora is a very energetic, very smart and very fast little thing. Just have a look at the fotos below to get an impression of her temperament. You can also find videos on the Lightspeed youtube-channel synve1. 🙂

She is so much fun to work with, gives everthing, loves to take training and can take endless corrections, if you want to really get to a point. She is also very good at concentrating in competion situations, like her mother Darla (Lightspeed Darjeeling)


unnamed13095747_10209353299379053_7811765396235651311_n DSC08362 13043724_10209321373580928_5499775128027088365_n 12809715_10209146214922071_6266513925572840838_n

8R2A5609 8R2A5610 8R2A5608 8R2A5598 8R2A5597 8R2A5595

_mg_2243 _mg_2260 _mg_2264 _mg_2288 _mg_2295 dsc03312


Joe is a beautiful tricolor boy with an excellent temperament and rare coolness.

I hope that in combination with Nora’s speed and spontaneity the pups will be really special! 🙂

Thanks to Wiet van Dongen for the beautiful pictures of Joe.

14707847_587434521443000_3925860880138944236_o14715037_587430681443384_6340175912295725631_o14731325_587430601443392_444130826506973852_n14612614_587430624776723_1840462337608179907_o 14633155_587430641443388_6676614138128459812_o 14642007_587430594776726_9124130921592878538_n 14612611_587441518108967_5202410230843447005_o14642334_587441514775634_4386335370904074490_n 14666076_587441434775642_3927233368153075613_n 14705611_587441411442311_7574243501224528780_n14670800_587441441442308_121072119215509991_n 14680902_587441688108950_2087484316048039250_o 14713073_587437658109353_2811236524705745593_o

We hope for pups in tricolor and black-and-white at the end of April. They should be ready to go at the end of June 2017 and will be registered with the ISDS and the FCI.

To contact us please write an email to


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