Lightspeed N-litter

Six beautiful black and white puppies were born on the 10th of June 2014. The mother is Wolfgangs multi-trial-winner, several times World Trial and Continental Team Member and National Champion Lightspeed Darjeeling, the father is Samuele Manzi’s Italian World Trial and Continental Team Member and Reserve Italian National Champion Cruise of My Heart. The pups will be FCI and ISDS-registered. Both parents have perfect health tests, both are genetically CEA-normal, eye tested free 2013, and have the perfect hip-score A.


This little girl is Lightspeed Narnia

Narnia1 Narnia2 Narnia3 NarniaP1

Lightspeed Navajo is a strong boy with a black spot in his collar

Navajo1 Navajo2 Navajo3 NavajoP1

Lightspeed Niagara  is a cute and cuddly girl. She is still looking for a perfect new home.

Niagara1 Niagara2 Niagara3 NiagaraP1

Lightspeed Nicola is a compact boy

Nicola1 Nicola2 Nicola3 NicolaP1

Lightspeed Nightingale will fly through future Agility parcours with her special black wings!

Nightingale1 Nightingale2 Nightingale3 Nightingale4

Lightspeed Nimbus is the smallest and lightest, but was the first to open his eyes and to run about. He will be a very nice sporting dog. He is free.

NightingaleP1 Nimbus1 Nimbus2 Nimbus3 NimbusP1

If you are interested in the pups or would like more information, please email to


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