Spring trials and training


Wolfgang was invited to judge a sheepdog trial in far-away Poland on the Easter weekend 2014. As we have only very few trials in Austria this year, that was an excellent option for me and my dogs to compet in a nice Open trial again!!!


I was very impressed by the standard of the Polish dogs. The Polish sheepdog society has only been working for half a year or so, but they have held a trial a year and a few sheepdog clinics in Poland for about seven years. It is quite impressive, how well they have learnt to handle and train their dogs with so little access to professional help and training tips!! The dogs are trained with beautiful pacing, excellent stops on their feet, and they dont need to be shouted at. They listen very well to soft voice of whistle commands!

Poland has such ideal landscape for sheepdog trialling! If the people and dogs keep up their great work, this may be the rise of a great new sheepdog nation!!!

DSC07107DSC07108 DSC07104 DSC07114 DSC07115 DSC07113

Marta Chmiel had organized the trial. She owns the beautiful training center, that was originally built for the keeping of horses.

She breeds her working dogs herself, travelling as far as necessary to get her bitches to the best stud dogs. And she trains them very, very well, too!!


This dog belongs to the president of the Polish sheepdog society.


The black dog on the right came third in trial class 3.

DSC07373DSC07463 DSC07140

The trial field was very flat. So flat indeed, that the handler needed a little ladder to stand on in order to see the sheep at the other side of the field at all. Being able to see the dog at the lift was not an option. You had to deduce the position of the dog from the reaction of the sheep.

The sheep worked well, but were mostly a bit on the slow side. The most careful workers among the Polish ran out of time before they got them into the pen.


DSC07220 DSC07222 DSC07224DSC07205 DSC07259 DSC07263 DSC07341 DSC07342

My dogs did very well in the trial. They are used to having to push sheep, and it suits them well. So Flyte was able to win the trial with two solid runs with 83 and 85 points.

Julie could have won, but in the second run she got a home-running sheep that would start a sprint for the home pen whenever she got the chance- So Julie had to do a lot of extra outruns to retrieve the panicky creature and it cost her a lot of drive points, allthough it couldnt have been done better. She was the secret star of the day, as everyone commented about how calmly and coolly she handled the extra trouble. As she is nine and a half years already, I am also very happy that her condition was still good enough for her to finish the whole parcours in spite of running three times the original drive distance! She really is a good girl, my old Julie!!

DSC07142  DSC07150  DSC07178 DSC07196 DSC07394 DSC07435DSC07231DSC07409

Little Guin did very well in Open Class, two. She earned 77 and 18 points respectively and was placed fourth. I am very proud of my little girl!

DSC07381DSC07168 DSC07441DSC07454 DSC07314DSC07429   DSC07368    DSC07250 DSC07254 DSC07256 DSC07299  DSC07329 DSC07287DSC07333


DSC07473 DSC07474 DSC07478 DSC07479

We had a very welcome visitor just before Easter! 12 year old Julian had come to visit with his 9 month old Click, a son of Lightspeed Fire Flyte and Isabeau Dajavera. Click is already a very well-developed and strong boy. He has a lovely friendly and happy character.

Julian is very interested in training his dog, so we did some basic Obedience, play-games and of course, we started Click on sheep. They both learnt so fast, it was a real pleasure to work with them! I hope they find good trainers to take them further on at home!!

DSC06841 DSC06859 DSC06860 DSC06870 DSC06872 DSC06874

There is a little video of Julian and his lovely Click working sheep on their third day of training! I think they did very well!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhKDad9n0QY


DSC06906 DSC06911 DSC06912 DSC06914 DSC06919  DSC06930

A class 1 and class 2 trial was held in Saalfelden on the 12th of April 2014. The sheep proved rather testing for the beginner dogs. When a little mistake was made, one of the two big ewes in the group would turn upon the dog and refuse to cooperate any longer. Usually the trial was finished when that happened.

We are very proud to tell that young Lightspeed Kerryglen (Kerry) won class 1 with two excellent runs. He worked the sheep with respect and excellent manners, and they rewarded him with perfect cooperation!! Well done, Kerry and Kerstin!!! Kerry is a nearly two year old son of Lightspeed Darjeeling (Darla) and Serge v. d. Zweep’s Gary.

DSC07032 DSC07036 DSC07045 DSC07047 DSC07050 DSC07059

Little Leaf  (Lightspeed Lotus Leaf) likes a good fight with the sheep at the moment. So in of her two runs, she got into unresolvable troubles with a big ewe and couldnt finish her run. But she only needs more training. She is a bold little girl and needs to be shown that sometimes you have to fight less to win more! 😉




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