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Lightspeed Lotus Leaf, a half-sister of the M-litter was a wonderful nurse and play-mate for the pups! She had such fun jumping into (and out of) the puppy pen to teach her favorite pups (mostly Mo and Mireille) her best tricks!! 🙂



1146547_10203418696497690_2077842254_n 10009303_10203418695137656_1008673856_n 1504132_10203418694897650_50473772_n1898288_10203418696977702_1895059609_n

This smart brown girl is Lightspeed Mireille. She will work Gotland sheep in Germany.


Big and peacefull Lightspeed Moccacino, Mo, has no chance against his small but ferocious sister, Lightspeed Mirabell! We call her black-belt-Mirabell!! 🙂 She will be a trialling sheepdog in Italy.

10003459_10203418701737821_519346056_n1622869_10203418705017903_1533281769_n    1939841_10203418703057854_1334622173_n1655992_10203418703617868_1216942858_n  1898051_10203418702897850_429738081_n


Mirabell won, of course!!! 🙂

And this lovely boy is Lightspeed Mastermind (Cody).



And this brown boy is Lightspeed Mithril, who has moved to Germany to be the best friend of Flyte’s son Moon.

1932337_10203424875532162_1367826382_n1977065_10203449659671750_673101316_n  1896746_10203449659871755_1859219562_n1962650_10203418704337886_1563596221_n


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The puppis were very active, very inerested in people, very open for new things, and they would even retrieve nearly perfectly, nearly always! 😉



Because we liked the M-litter so much, Wolfgang decided to mate his Darla with their father Cruise, too. Puppies are expected around the middle of June 2014. We would both like to keep a pup from that combination!




  1. Zsuzsanna said

    Hello, I am interested in your June litter. They are so cute! Could you please send me an email with more information about the puppies? Thank you!

    • synve1 said

      Hi Zsuszanna! I sent you an email with details about the upcoming litter. Did you receive it? My email adress is synve.lundgren@gmail.com

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