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The Lightspeed M’s are here!!


On the 31st of January 2014 the Lightspeed-M-litter was born.

The mother is Lightspeed Guinneveere, full sister to Lightspeed Glenfiddich, who was 7th in the Continental finals in 2013, daughter of Bobby Dalziel’s Supreme Champion Joe and my four times Continental team member Lady Julie.

The father is Samuele Manzi’s friendly tricolor dog Cruise of my Heart, who is in the Italian World Trial and Continental Team and is prominent in Italian Open class trials. Cruise is a grandson of Toddy Lambe’s red/tri Supreme Champion Craig.

Both parents are HD-, ED- and OCD-free, ophthalmologically free of eye diseases in Nov/2013. Guin is CEA carrier, Cruise is CEA normal.

There are five pups in the M-litter. Three black and white ones and a brown boy and a brown, possibly brown/tri girl.

All puppies are spoken for.


This is the firstborn, a strong brown and white male that I call Mastermind.


This black and white girl I call Medici, and she will move to Italy to have a wonderful trialling career.


This  classically marked boy I call Masterclass. He is reserved.


And his dark brother Man in Black is reserved, too.


And this is lean and slim Mahogony. On the portrait to the right you can guess yourself, if she will have tan markings. I think I see some light brown over her eyes.


Guin is very happy with her lovely litter! ūüôā


This is daddy Cruise: 

DSC07394 DSC07397

And this is Guin:

(Trial class 2, Agility 2, GH1

2 medals in the Disc Crushers Frisbee-Cup 2011)


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New Year training with the L’s


Over New Year 2013/14 we had the pleasure of hosting a sheepdog clinic with Susanne Lejuez, the owner and trainer of Eryri Jaff. It was really great having her here, we had lots of fun and learnt a lot from her consequent but allways fair way of handling sheepdogs. I can warmly recommend her as a trainer, in case somebody is looking for  an internationally successful sheepdog triallist to invite for a clinic!

This is Eryri Jaff:

DSC03838DSC03818  DSC03832   DSC03851  DSC03854

We had great weather for the fotos, but on the last day, when I wanted to do some videos, everything was swallowed up by a thick fog. So this was the best video I could do of the L’s dad Eryri Jaff:


And here are the L’s, that had come for the training:

Lightspeed Limited Edition, strong, stylish and full of power

DSC03737DSC036671526778_10202863890627890_899940119_n 1557620_10202863891587914_1926108928_n

Little Lotus Leaf, with her strong personality and bossy ideas:


Lightspeed Living Legend, who is just a little Ferrari on the sheep field!


Easy going Lightspeed Lifestyle, who shows lovely moves, listens well and is nice to the sheep.

DSC03798 DSC03956

And the tiny but powerfull Lightspeed Love Affair


Lightspeed Light My Fire and Lightspeed Lionheart could not come to the New Year training, but are training at home.

It was great to have so many dogs from the L-litter there for a really valuable training with Susanne. It is not so often that a doggy family can be reunited so (nearly) complete, with both parents and 5 of 7 pups.

Overall it can be said that the L’s are very keen but obedient, have very nice flanks and abundant power! I am very, very pleased with all of them!

The rare get-together was also used for a family day at the vet’s, where Lightspeed Limited Edition, Lotus Leaf, Living Legend and Lifestyle, as well as LS Kassiopeia, Kensington and Keltic were x-rayed free of HD, ED and OCD!

In the meantime also Love Affair and  Lionheart were x-rayed (free from HD and ED), Lightspeed Koh-i-Noor in Switzerland (free from HD, ED and OCD)

Our thanks to our puppy owners for all the work and time they put into the development of their Lightspeeds!! We are very happy for the excellent training progress and health results!

DSC03802  DSC03875DSC03876

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