The Lightspeed M-litter is being planned

If everything had gone as planned, I would have liked to use Eryri Jaff for Guin’s winter litter 2013/14 again. But Guin, who absolutely loves having puppies (she would also steal them from other mothers, if need be!) could not look on while her daughter Leaf got into season without starting up her own hormone production, too! So she came into season a little bit too early, and without having any health results from the previous litter, yet, I didnt want to do the same mating again.

Happily I found a lovely Irish bred dog in beautiful Tuscany/Italy, that was happy to meat with Guin.

Cruise is a very obedient, calm and easy-going dog, who runs very well in Italian sheepdog trials! His Pedigree goes back to Toddy Lambe’s Supreme Champion Craig. At the Moment Cruise and his owner Samuele are in the Team for the World Trial 2014.

He has an ISDS and an FCI-Pedigree (KC-Export Pedigree), is HD- and ED-free, genetically CEA-normal and ophthalmologically eye tested free 2013


I did a little video of Cruise on our visit. I tried to parade him as for a confirmation show. In my opinion, it is very easy to see his lovely temperament in this part of the video. You can see how he tries to do everything right for me, even though he doesnt know me at all. His working style is very stress-less for the sheep, but he is strong enough to hold single sheep, and his owner says, he is his best dog for working stubborn rams, as they just wont get into discussions with him. Cruise makes them cooperate through his easy style of working.

The Rozzalupi farm in Italy is a beautiful place with ample space and several trial fields. They breed and train horses, who roam the big area. Inbetwee the horses, people come and train their dogs, and since everything is so spacious, no animals are being stressed, but it just works out beautifully in this way!



Our dogs had a great time in beautiful Tuscany, and we were also able to do some valuable outrun training on the huge fields. So now we are hoping for very nice winter puppies from Guin and Cruise, hopefully to be born at the end of January 2014!



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