The L-litter’s progress

I am very pleased with the way the pups from the L-litter (Guin X Eryri Jaff) are developing.

Their father Jaff is doing great in trials in Holland at the Moment. He is in the World Trial Team for 2013 (as by the way also the I’s and J’s father Blackie and the K’s father Gary) Holland is a country with tough competition on the trialling field with many top handlers and excellent dogs! So it is no it is quite something to be placed in Dutch trials consistantly! The L-family will meet in Austria at New Year, when they will be one year, and very ready to take some professional training, and get to meet Jaff’s trainer and handler Susanne! We are very exited about her visit and eager to hear what Susanne has to say about the puppies!

I at least, like what I see in them very much. Some of them are quite strong and determined characters! All have great working attitude and will take no nonsense from any sheep.

This is beautiful Twix, the little red fox. He and his owner Niki are doing a great training job! I very much enjoyed seeing their progress!


Little Lightspeed Lotus Leaf is being trained on sheep, but would actually prefer bigger animals!


If she sees a cow or a horse on her way to the sheep, she will take a big detour and offer to take home the bigger animals instead!!! Of course, we very much try to discourage that, as it is much too dangerous for a young dog to do that kind of work! She will have to wait until she is fully grown and trained!!


Lightspeed Lights My Fire who lives in a Skiing region in Northern Italy has a herd of goats and sheep to atend to. But in winter, when they can count on a lot of snow, they prefer to train on a little flock of Indian Runner ducks. We have been there for a visit and can really recommend the ducks for inbetween training! They arent as fast as sheep and as a consequence they cannot get into mischief as fast. They are easy to load and Transport in a wooden box or a dog crate. You can take them to safe field, do some nice training with a young dog and take them home again much easier than having to move sheep in winter.

DSC06880DSC06891 DSC06892

This is what duck herding looks like! As you can see, you can do a lot of very practial training with those lovely little animals!

And this is what Light My Fire (Zippo’s) view from the front porch looks like:

DSC06870 DSC06871 DSC06911

Mother Guin is quite proud of her pups, too, I am sure!

SantaGiustina1012 017


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