Lightspeed Jet: Third in Hungarian National Championship in Agility


Lightspeed Jet, just turned two at the end of October did absolutly brilliantly at the Hungarian National Championships in Agility: She finished third with these great runs out of 93 Open competitors! Very well done, and of course, marvellously trained and handled by Julia!! Enjoy:

And here is Julia’s blog for those who want to read more or follow little Jet’s further adventures! ( I really hope, Julia decides to breed Jet somtime! The two of them have already managed the 70 points in trial class 1 necessary for breeding under the ASDS-rules whith very little training in between there Agility-preparations! So, they do really well, I think!)

Also something to be proud of: In September 2013 Lightspeed Aragorn finished in 10th place at the Austrian Agility National Championship! There were 147 teams to beat! So I think that was very well done!! This is Aragorn:

His brother Lightspeed Antares has begun competing in the Oldies class after a long and very successful career in competitive Agility. This Autumn he was Landesmeister in the Oldies Class (Champion of the County Wien/Niederösterreich)

The A-litter has turned 9 years this Autumn, but all are still going strong!

There two years younger full sister (Zony X Celtic) Lightspeed Candy is also still running eminently in Agility: here is a recent competition:

Meanwhile the younger generation has taken up competing: Here is lovely and elegant Lightspeed Jinx (Guin X Blackie), who is runnig with great success in class 1 in Germany now.

 1230069_581699538555437_1455442486_n 1240645_581699478555443_768189518_n1236003_581699125222145_1063986520_n


Mother Guin, Lightspeed Guinneveere (Julie X Joe) looks like this in training:


Due to my work appointments in summer and the trialling season in Autumn she hasnt been competing for a few months. But here is a training session:

Guin’s sister Lightspeed Gillian doing very well in Agility class 1. In this competition they came second. Soon they will move up to class 2.



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