Glen 7th in Continental, Darla National Champion, Glen Vice-Nat.Ch. 2013


Lightspeed Glenfiddich, three years old, and for the second time in the Continental Team for Austria managed to not only get into the Continental Finals together with Europe’s finest dogs and handlers, but they also finished a very proud Seventh!!

Wolfgang and Glen did a brilliant job on a very difficult field. Especially the Finals day, whith two extremely long outruns and a field that was parted by an alley of trees all down the middle, so the dogs had to do one 700 metre outrun into the left field and the second outrun into the right field, was very testing and needed a dog with not only obedience but also brains and initiative!!

1098198_581750298548586_1119052191_n 1186220_581750195215263_151263726_n 1229879_10200485791648808_836722061_n

Of course, Wolfgang and Glen compete at a level that makes them difficult to beat in Austria, so it came as no surprise that Wolfgang won the National Championship again. It was the second time for Darla to to gain that title, Glen finished in second position.

DSC06725 DSC06730 DSC06732

Part of Glens’s Sunday run



I am very, very happy with my own Flyte, who ran very, very well on both days of the National Championship. We finished a slightly unlucky but no less proud Fourth, ex-equo with Caro and Sky on third place.

Flyte on Saturday:

Flyte on Sunday:


This was the trialling hill for the Austrian National Championship.

DSC06696 DSC06695

The sheep were rather typical Austrian, they needed a decicive dog, as they liked to test the dog’s strength.  The judge was Bobby Dalziel.


Bobby likes to see the dog work more than the handler in the shedding and single. So I took a little bit too big a risk with Julie in the Single ring, leaving her to decide alone for a split second too much. She decided to show a little too much initiative when she was challenged by a tough sheep. I could easily have avoided that, but as I was trying for the perfect single after a beautiful run, I didnt and we were disqualified in the Saturday run. Well, that’s the way it can go in trialling. here is the video:






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