Flyte’s son Vinnie flies to the USA!


Meet cute little C’est la Vie Banataj Wind, the cute and bold little Flyte-son. Born in the beautiful Czech Republic he crossed the ocean and flew to Chicago at the age of 10 weeks! What a journey for such a small puppy! Nancy, the proud new owner, says he came out of his travelling box in undiminished good humour and dry as a bone after 10 hours of flight! What a brave boy! Vinnie, as he is called for short, is now being trained for competitive Obedience and will also be presented in the show ring! Good luck, little man!! We are looking forward to following your adventures on the other side of the world!!!

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DSC06692 DSC06694 DSC06690 DSC06686 DSC06684

Vinnie’s travel over the ocean was organized by the Austrian company “Animals First”, who are specialized in transporting all kinds of animals around world- often dogs ranging from show dogs or puppies to security and police dogs, but mostly Zoo animals and increasingly birds of prey, and homing pigeons, who are seemingly experiencing a big revival!!

I am very happy that Vinnie’s flight went without any Problems and that he has had such a great start with his new family so far away!!

Here are some pictures from Vinnie’s Czech family. When I visited the kennel Banataj Wind to get to know the pups a bit better, I was also shown the working ability of his grand-parents Ixi and Cheero at the well-known Dajavera-kennel! The litters mother Isabeau and her parents did great, and it was a pleasure how well they all worked with me straight away without knowing me at all! 🙂


Isabeau Dajavera, and below Isabeau to the right and her parents Ixi and Cheero.



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