What the L-, J and I-litter is doing in 2013:

The L-litter (Lady Julie X Eryri Jaff), born before Christmas 2012, is growing up very nicely: Here is Lightspeed Lionheart, the red boy, and Lightspeed Love Affair in classical black and white.

480847_160608590791198_721433002_n580444_160608200791237_1803448306_n   DSC06133


Lightspeed Lotus Leaf very much wants to become a cow-dog. She will work sheep, too, if asked, but if she gets her will (and she is quite good at getting her will) she will go off and collect the cattle, bulls and all!! As she is rather too young to do this, we were too occupied trying to call her off, when she was bringing in the Karin’s herd of Galloway cattle, that we havnt got around to doing a video yet. But here is a video of her working the sheep at six months old:



DSC03067 DSC03065

Also working and developing well are Lightspeed Light My Fire (Zippo), who is spending his sommer in the mountains in Alto Adige taking care of hundreds of cows, goats and sheep with his owner Daniel and his team-mates Ares and Kaos.


and Lightspeed Lifestyle (Twix), who is training for sheepdog trials, Agility and Obedience.


The I-litter (Lady Julie X Blackie at Conquest):


Lightspeed Ivory has been well and has passed the BGH1-(Obedience)-test twice, with 96 and 93 points and a first and second place. She also passed her Beginner herding test (Erweiterte Anlagenprüfung) And at the beginning of August she came fifth in her first GH-Beginner-trial. Congratulations!

Her brother Ian is running in Open Class trials in Italy in the meantime,


Here is Ian, who doesent often meet her mother Julie, but when he does they work together in perfect synchrony that is just beautiful to watch without the need to give them any commands.


The third Lightspeed I is brother Ice. He shows very nicely in sheepdog training, does some rescue work and has won his way into class 2 Agility. Well done, I’s!!

DSC06207  DSC06212 DSC06214DSC06231

Lightspeed Jinx is doing very well again, too. She has recovered from her OCD operation as started the season 2013 with a first place in the Obedience competion BH1.


Little Jet (Guin X Blackie) is doing very well, too. Here is a training clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfrQYAIQVL0

We are very proud to announce that she has done well in trialling, too. She already has the trial points in class 1 she needs to breed under the rules of the ASDS. Very well done, considering that Julia and Jet come only sporadically to train on sheep.



Little Lightspeed Jeremy (Guin X Blackie) won the Erweiterte Anlagenprüfung at Hohe Wand with 97/100 points! Well done, little boy!

He has also started his official Agility career and passed a BH and BGH1 Obedience competition.

393071_636357259711232_189430170_n 931207_575753732459329_1133681974_n


DSC06224  DSC06264DSC06267DSC02904DSC02985DSC02994DSC02998DSC03002DSC03006


531820_138210216364369_1934492309_n922880_138207496364641_1301016866_n934866_138209959697728_714651976_n408737_138207406364650_1973440321_n  936490_138207466364644_2036384438_n

Lightspeed Juniper and Jet have earned an Excellent in the International Dog Show in Graz in March 2013. June is training  Obedience and Agility and showing a great attitude in training, a lot of concentration and will to work.



 DSC03109 DSC03113

San Gimignano




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