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Autumn trials

The first Continental Qualification trial for the year 2013 was held in Mühlviertel in Northern Austria. There was a beautiful big and difficult trial course with an Outrun that only could be done if the dog was using his brains in addition to following commands.

Sadly the weather was feeling mischievous and sent thick and lasting fog on Sunday. Trialling is impossible when nothing can be seen, so Kathi Gleis offered to hold another Qualification trial at the beginning of December!

The Saturday run  and the Mühlviertel-Shield was won by Wolfgang’s Darla, with Wolfgang’s Glen on third place.

Flyte was 13th and Julie 16th of 37. I had trouble shedding both times!

Half of the Sunday we spent gazing hopefully into the fog.

At about 2 o’clock judge Ned O’Keefe gave up and declared the trial cancelled due to the lack of sight. We had a very funny half hour, though, as he insisted on showing us how to shed. He is a very nice man, Ned! He had tried to give us good advice on how to shed more elegantly, as he wasn’t too impressed with our Austrian shedding style, involving a lot of jumping and stick-waving! We Austrians have seen that often: a British judge trying to tell us how to shed more effectively and -when trying his luck himself- finishing off totally stuck with his sheep glued to his knees! Well, we got a deja-vu, as it happened again to Ned!! If he didn’t manage the most minute opening in his bunch sheep, I must say, it wasnt for lack trying: He went on with a will for as long as three complete runs would have taken, stubbornly ignoring our amused tries to blow the “time”-horn to get him to give up!

He was a very good sport, when he came off the field in the end. He said he regretted taking any points off our shedding attempts and would like to give double points to everyone who managed to get those sheep apart at all!!! :))

That was a bit soothing to me, at least, as he let me re-shed with Flyte as well as with Julie (as he thought it hadnt been a clean enough shed both times) With Julie I wasnt able to get another opening in the sheep after the first shed, so our run was over in the ring.

Here are the sheep, happily making the best out of their free day!

Little Freni got over the big course well and tried to do her very best for Daniela.

Austrian National Championship:

Our Austrian National Championship was held below the “Hohe Wand”, a holiday destination for adventure seeking Viennese!

For some additional international competition we went to the beautiful trial in Santa Giustina in Northern Italy.
I am very proud to tell that little Julie managed to win the big trial on Sunday. Glen came third and Darla 4th. There were stunning 47 competitors and it was a really good trial with a lot of excellent Italian dogs and handlers! Well done to everyone!

Fun Trial in Regau:

At the end of September we held a fun-trial for all those who had been coming for training in Regau. It was a very nice event and we actually had a lot of fun and saw some very good work of sheepdogs and their handlers.

Since we had no official judges I did my best to give fair points to everyone. I was helped by two aspiring young handlers and watchful Flyte.

Lightspeed Aragorn got around a class 2 trial, even though he has had no training at all for years! 🙂

Guin’s sister Gael had come from Switzerland and was showing very good movements, sheep sense and abilities!

Lightspeed Jet is a very talented young lady and will be looking good in proper trials next year!

Lightspeed Jeremy showed cosiderable talent and cooperation, running in trial class 1, the herding test and the farmer’s trial.

Fast and stylish Lightspeed Ice did well in trial class 1 and the herding test simulation.

Guin, Flyte and Julie got a practice run each, too.


Daniela with Freni practiced trial class 3 and did quite well.


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Lightspeeds and puppies

Lightspeed Guinneveere was mated by Eryri Jaff on the 20th of October 2012. We are hoping for Christmas puppies!

Jaff was 7th at this year’s Continental. He is FCI as well as ISDS-registered, hip-scored and eye-tested free and CEA-normal.

Jaffs Pedigree: Eryri Jaff 283342

Guin’s pedigree: (made for her full brother Gordon): Gordon

Jaff’s mother Eryri Taran:

And this is Guin:

Guin’s video-clip:

Lightspeed Guineveere, ISDS 307263, (Guin), * 10. 02. 2010

HD-, ED-, OCD-free

eye tested clear 06/11 and 07/12, CEA-carrier

trial cl.2 winner

GH Beginner (270/280P.)

Agility class1 (qualified for the National Chapionship 2012)

Guin has excellent movements and jumping ability. She has a beautiful happy and stable temperament and a lot of sheep sense.

Guin’s father: Bobby Dalziel’s International Supreme Champion,2 X Scottish National Champion Joe of Roweburn, ISDS 272330, KC AK0900937, HDA, CEA-, PRA-, Kat.-free, ‘09, genetically CEA-normal


Guin’s mother: Lady Julie, Trial cl. 3, Continental Team Member ‘07, ‘08, ‘09, 10,  GH3, BGH3, A3, ISDS 276433, KC AF0901309, ÖCBH 1434, HDA, CEA-, PRA-, Kat-frei ‘09, genetisch CEA-carrier, TNS-normal



Julie was four times Continental team member, as well as running in the highest class of Obedience and Agility. She also managed to gain an Austrian show championship.

In case you are interested in this litter, please email to:

Freedom of Sky of Green Borderline X Lightspeed Fire Flyte puppies at 6 weeks of age. All are eye-tested free.

Wolfgang is keeping little Kass from Darla’s litter with Serge’s Gary:




Lightspeed Darjeeling, Lightspee Fire Flyte, Lightspeed Glenfiddich und Lightspeed Guinneveere were all found free at the yearly ophtalmologic

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Summer Trials and Congratulations


This year’s Continental Sheepdog Championship in Renkum, Netherland. Here is the enormous trial field!!!

And here are some fotos of Flyte’s run!




We are very proud of having three Lightspeeds in the Continental team. They all managed the huge course very well. Darla and Glen had very good runs, indeed, Darla got the price for the best Austrian dog.


Flyte managed a very good winning run at the trial at Hohe Wand in August with 91/110 points. Very happy with that!

And Daniela is doing well with Freni in class 2 and will move to class 3 this Autumn!


This year’s Austrian National Agility Championship was held in Seekirchen near Salzburg. We Lightspeeds want to congratulate Achinora vom Sonnigen Garten to a fantastic second over-all place in this big and prestigious event. Achinora/Fly has two Lightspeed parents: Lightspeed Blitz and Lightspeed Aragorn! We are very proud!!

Lightspeed Aragorn himself was 25th of 120, his son Lightspeed Frodo was 18th. Very good work, too. Also running were Lightspeed Elaine, Lightspeed Evening Sky, Lightspeed Fire Flyte and Lightspeed Guineveere. Here  are some pictures:

Julie has found a new Agility class to compete in: Instead of the Oldie class she chose the Youngsters instead, running with upcoming Agility Young handler Julia. They won their first competition in Stegersbach in July and came 7th in the Austrian National Championship!


Lightspeed Everest ran at the PAWC, the Para Agility World Championshop in Holland again this year and managed to win a class 4 run! Congratulations!!


Rebenland trial/Continental Qualification:

The Continental Qualification came to an end with the difficult hilly but beautiful Rebenland-trial. Wolfgang’s Darla, mother to the recent Lightspeed K-litter was in very good trialling condition even though she had had puppies, and she finished on second place after  Luca Fini’s Dan. Of the 28 teams Glen came on 7th and Flyte on 8th place.

In our Austrian Continental team of eight dogs three of the qualified dogs are Lightspeeds: Lightspeed Darjeeling, Lightspeed Fire Flyte and Lightspeed Glenfiddich. Here are the Rebenland-trial runs of Glen and Flyte:



Here are some pictures of Flyte’s run:

Guin won trial class 2 in the Rebenland trial with two excellent runs:

In our club’s summer Obedience-trial Guin did a very good job in the Obedience beginner class with excellent 270/280 points. Flyte won Obedience class 3, followed by his and Guin’s mother Julie.

Flyte winning Agility class 3 on the 9th of July in Vienna/Krieau:

Flyte would have been qualified to run in the European Open in Sweden- but I did not have free at the end of July to go there. Anyway, he ran quite well in the difficult qualifications!

Lightspeed Frodo’s winning run in Agility cl.3 in the 1st Vienna Open Agility Cup in Simmering:

Flyte in an Agility-Jumping (3rd place. First place went to brother Frodo):

A video example of successful Lightspeed Elaine running in Agility class 3:

Lisa with Lightspeed Hyperspace (Gordy) won a second place in Agility class 1:

Guin’s brother Guinness started his Agility career with this winning run:

We can also congratulate Guinness to his Obedience-trial BGH1 with 93/100 points!

At the Austrian Championship in Agility class 1 and 2 n Dornbirn little Guin qualified to compete in the Open National Championship in Agility in Autumn. Here is one of her runs:

Here we some pictures of May/LIghtspeed Everest, who is doing very well in Agility in Slovenia!

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