Lightspeed spring galery

I think, Border Collies can be very beautiful, even if they dont win dog shows. 🙂

Here is a little 2012 galery of some Lightspeeds

Pascale’s three Agility girls: Elaine, Candy and Belly

 Lightspeed Candy

(Zony X Celtic )

 Lightspeed Elaine

( Zony x Ace del Mulino Prudenza)

 Lightspeed Guineveere

(Julie X Joe of Roweburn)

 Lightspeed Aragorn

(Zony X Celtic)

 Lightspeed Guineveere (Julie X Joe)

 Lightspeed Fire Flyte

(Julie X Lightspeed Aragorn)

 Lady Julie (Flair X Ben)

 Canyonland Arizona Dream

(Borderline Country Sky X Cinlock Catchword)

 Lightspeed Glenfiddich

(Julie X Joe of Roweburn)

 Lightspeed Darjeeling, in pup by Serge v.d. Zweep’s Gary



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