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Lightspeed K-litter born on 22nd of May 2012

Lightspeed Darjeeling’s litter of 7 lovely puppies by Serge v.d. Zweep’s young and promising trial dog Gary, were born on the 22nd of May: Here they are:


Boy Nr. 1,”Kilimanjaro”, black/white, white-factored, 196 gr

Boy Nr. 2, “Keltic”, tricolor, 240 gr

Girl Nr. 1, “Kassiopeia”, black/white, 261 gr

Girl Nr. 2, “Koh-I-Noor”, tricolor, 234 gr

Boy Nr. 3, “Keanu”, black/white, white-factored, 232 gr

Boy Nr. 4, “Kerrygold”, tricolor, white-factored, 242 gr

Boy Nr. 5, “Kon Tiki”, black/white, 195 gr

As you can see, Darla is a wonderful and very happy mother:



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Grenzgänger-Trial April 2012

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Agility news and video clips:

The Austrian team for the Agility World Championship is fixed now. I congratulate to all the teams who performed excellently to get qualified.

The Austrian Agility Gold Standard is, as always, layed by Dual World Champion Lisa Frick and Hoss. Here is a compilation of her 8 runs in the final qualification round:


Of the Lightspeed dogs Lightspeed Evening Sky reached the 23rd place in the end qualification.  And here are a few videos of her sister Lightspeed Elaine running in the qualifications with Pascale:




Two Lightspeed grand-children did really well at the qualifications, too: Achinora vom Sonnigen Garten (Lightspeed Aragorn X Lightspeed Blitz) reached the final place. Here she is running in the 4th WCH-qualifications:

Achinora Agility:

Achinora Jumping :


Meanwhile Lightspeed Everest is doing very well in Slovenian Agility: He got 2nd place at the Ložnica Agility Cup A2! Very well done, Marko and May!

Brother Eliott is a very good Agility dog, too! His owner Astrid and me, were at a competition in Pinkafeld together, where the two of them had some excellent runs. Sadly I didnt manage to film the good runs, so I can only post one with a few mistakes here:

Eliott Open Jumping:

And here is Guin in the same competition in A1:

Guin LK1 Agility:

Flyte also performed well. Here is his Large 3-run and the Open jumping:

Flyte Agility LK3:

Flyte Open Jumping:

At the Frühschoppen-Turnier in Korneuburg on the 17th of May, Guin gained her second clean run towards the A2-class with a second place in A1.

In A3 we are very proud of Lightspeed Frodo on 4th place and Lightspeed Fire Flyte on 5th place in rather complicated courses and with lots of highly competitive other teams!!! Half-sister Achinora vom Sonnigen Garten (also a daughter of Lightspeed Aragorn)  came first in A3, and Lightspeed Evening Sky was second in the Open Jumping of about 80 competing teams!



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Lightspeed spring galery

I think, Border Collies can be very beautiful, even if they dont win dog shows. 🙂

Here is a little 2012 galery of some Lightspeeds

Pascale’s three Agility girls: Elaine, Candy and Belly

 Lightspeed Candy

(Zony X Celtic )

 Lightspeed Elaine

( Zony x Ace del Mulino Prudenza)

 Lightspeed Guineveere

(Julie X Joe of Roweburn)

 Lightspeed Aragorn

(Zony X Celtic)

 Lightspeed Guineveere (Julie X Joe)

 Lightspeed Fire Flyte

(Julie X Lightspeed Aragorn)

 Lady Julie (Flair X Ben)

 Canyonland Arizona Dream

(Borderline Country Sky X Cinlock Catchword)

 Lightspeed Glenfiddich

(Julie X Joe of Roweburn)

 Lightspeed Darjeeling, in pup by Serge v.d. Zweep’s Gary


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Congrats to Lightspeed Flow and Celeste Aida, who earned national Obedience titles!

Congratulations to Verena and Lightspeed Flow who earned a National Champion-titel in the Obedience-class BGH1 on the 22nd of April 2012: here is a little video clio of there lovely work:

Lightspeed Celeste Aida, also owned and handled by Verena, came third in the same Championship in BGH3!

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