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Trial news:

The first trial of the season 2012 was the “small Mühlvierteltrial”, for class 1 and 2 only. Wolfgang was the judge, and Guin started in class 1 with a lovely winning run on Sunday.

Lightspeed Boromir (Baris) came second in class 2.

Here Wolfgang’s Glen was testing the sheep on the trial course.



The second trial of the season was the big  open “Grenzgänger Trial” with a huge flat outrun and drive. It was judged by Katy Cropper, a lovely lady. Wolfgang’s Darla won with two lovely runs with 91 points each. Wolfgang’s Glen came sixth, Glen’s and Darla’s mother Julie eight and my Flyte 11th due to a very stubborn sheep on Sunday.



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Puppies to be born end of May 2012:


Darla X Gary und Fay X Flyte

On the 23rd of March Wolfgang’s wonderful trial bitch Darla (Lightspeed Darjeeling: Lady Julie X Whenway Celtic Tradition) was mated with Serge v.d. Zweeps lovely young winning trial dog Gary.

Also Darla’s three-quarter brother Flyte (Lightspeed Fire Flyte: Lady Julie X Lightspeed Aragorn) mated the lovely Freedom of Sky of Green Borderline, a full sister to Flash Tally and Finnley the Freshman of Green Borderline.

We hope for strong and healthy pups at the end of May 2012!

If you are interested, please email:


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Lightspeed family news:

Some family news that we are proud of:
Lightspeed Flow and Lightspeed earned a national Obedience title on the 21st of April with this wonderful work: Lightspeed Celeste Aida was placed 3rd in a National Championship in BGH3 with the same handler, Verena! Great work!!
In Agility the Austrian qualification for the WCH 2012 have sorted out the best 47 teams to fight for the 8 places on the team in the middle of May. The Lightspeeds that made that selection for the last round of the qualification are Lightspeed Elaine and Lightspeed Evening Sky. Lightspeed Frodo missed by a very slim margin! There are also three Lightspeed-grand-children: Achinora vom Sonnigen Garten (Lightspeed Blitz X Lightspeed Aragorn), Avery of Austrian Starlight (Lightspeed Elaine X Hank vom Thurnhof) and Handsome Flynn of Borders Patchwork (Lightspeed Evening Sky X Jason of Jennifer’s Bonfire)
Guin (Lightspeed Guineveere, Lady Julie X Supr. Ch. Joe) got her first clean run and third place in Agility 1 and Lady Julie came third in Agility class 3 in the “Moorhunde-turnier” in Salzburg at the end of March.
Finally I want to present a few hopeful young Lightspeed boys: Lightspeed Hyperspace (Gordy) usually trains and competes in Mantrailing and Agility. But here he is in a little herding video clip (including a rather stubborn sheep) of this wonderful little dog, who is Will-to-Please personified!!!
Young Ian (Lady Julie X Blackie at Conquest) is doing very well in sheepdog training and will soon be ready to compete in trials. Here is a little video clip of Ian in sheepdog training:
Lightspeed Ice and Lightspeed Ian (Lady Julie X Blackie at Conquest)
Lightspeed Ice:
Lightspeed Ice is also going to be a lovely Agility dog. He has the most fantastic movements and body control!

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