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Lightspeed successes: Darla third in Swiss Open trial, Flyte and Julie doing well in A3 and GH3!

 On the first December weekend 2011 Wolfgang and Lightspeed Darjeeling acchieved a great trialling success, coming third in the Swiss Open Trial in Haselhoff, where International competitors competed in 6 Open trial runs on  three different fields.
First and second was Serge van der Zweep with Gary and Jim, and third was Wolfgang with Darla, ex equo with Luca Fini and Dan! Wow!!

Lightspeed Fire Flyte and Lady Julie are running in Agility 3 now. Flyte has also passed two Obedience 3 competions with very good results: here are some videos:

Flyte heelwork with positions:

Flyte heelwork:

Lady Julie has  hit a personal Obedience highscore: She passed an Obedience 3-exam with the near perfect score of 315 points! I am very, very proud of her!!!! Sadly there is no video of her fantastic work!!

Lightspeed Frodo has won an Obedience 2 competion and has a lot of placings in Agility 2. Congrats to Erika, his handler for the excellent work!

 Lightspeed Fire Flyte

Here is a little video clip of Lightspeed Aragorn, Flyte’s and Frodo’s father at the big Agility Amadeus Cup (sadly a dis but nice anyway, I think!):  :)

And this Aragorn’s very successful Agility brother Lightspeed Antares:
And his sister from the repeat mating ZonyX Celtic: Lightspeed Candy (nice run in spite of a small misunderstanding):
And for all who like watching Agility-videos: Here are some from the new year’s competition in Ebreichsdorf on the of January 2012:

Lightspeed Aragorn (Cedric), A3, 1 fault:


Cedric, Jumping open, clean run, 9th place


Albena (Lightspeed Blitz X Lightspeed Aragorn), Jumping open, 1 fault


Fly (Lightspeed Blitz X Lightspeed Aragorn) A3, clean run, 2nd place


Fly: Jumping Open, 1 fault


Lady Julie, A3, clean run, 5th place


Flyte (Lady Julie X Lightspeed Aragorn): A3, 1 fault


Flyte Jumping, clean run 15th place


Lighspeed Candy (Canyonland Arizona Dream X Whenway Celtic Tradition), Jumping Open, dis


Belly (Lightspeed Candy X Quincy vom Thurnhof): Jumping open, clean run, first place

Also in Agility 3 are most of the Lightspeed E’s now. Here for example a first place in Agility 3: Lightspeed Elaine:


In Switzerland her brother Lightspeed Express to Coldstream is running in Agility 3, too. He also had some excellent show results this autumn! Congratulations for:
19.11.2011 – International Show Genova – CAC, CACIB, Best Male
20.11.2011 – International Show Sanremo – CAC, CACIB, Best Male, Best of Breed


And here are some pictures of the Lightspeed family and the grazing “family sheep” “Graue Heidschnucken”.

above: Flyte, eying the grazing sheep, below: Julie in full winter coat, looking lovely, I think! 🙂 Her daughter Guin is as smooth-coated as an officially rough-coated Border Collie can possibly be! 😉
Above: Grandmother Zony (Canyonland Arizona Dream), at 10 years still full of energy, working drive and stamina!! She would hate to be left out from work! She thinks, she is absolutely indispensible!!! 🙂
Below Flyte and his mother Julie and sister Guin.
Guin’s brother Glenby Julie and Bobby Dalziel’s Supreme Champion and Dual Scottish National Champion Joe is a fully trained open class sheepdog and also available at stud now. He is running in trial class 3 and is full of energy, humour and fun!

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The J-puppies have moved out!

At the beginning of the new year, 2012 the J-puppies by Guin and Blackie of Conquest have all moved out! We wish them all very happy and eventful lives!!! They were such a nice and cute bunch of very well behaved and cuddly pups, and a real pleasure to bring up!

This was little JInx’s Christmas foto shooting:

And all the puppies in their Christmas video:

The puppies’ favorite toy in the world were: cardboard boxes!! They loved playing “king of the hill”, occupying a box and trying to defend it from the others that were trying to pull the box-king down from it’s box! They even slept on or in the boxes!

 Of course all the vet-checks went well, and all J’s are free from hereditary eye diseases.

Exited new owners, that still have to wait to take home their puppy!! 🙂

And a little Christmas clip:

Five weeks, and already ferocious little wolves! 🙂

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