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summer results 2011

On the 10. and 11th of September the Austrian National Championship took place in Scheibbs.

We are very happy to tell that Lightspeed Darjeeling won the title National Champion 2011 in Open Class.

Lightspeed Fire Flyte took the title of National Champion in Intermediate Class, and Lightspeed Glenfiddich was Vice-Champion in Intermediate class!!

Lightspeed Guineveere finished 6th in class 1.

On the 3rd of September 2011 Guin won two medals at the Frisbee Disc Crushers Cup 2011, a second place in Dog Dartbee and a third place in Mini Distance!

here is a video-news-clip of this fun event:


On the 1st of September Lightspeed Guineveere was mated by Vice-World-Champion Ron Snoeck’s Blackie of Conquest.


The Continental Sheepdog Championship, held in Sweden, this year, is over.

Here is Darla’s run on the difficult field full of small hills:

Norwegian top handler Jaran Knive took the title as well as the second place with Maico and Eddie! Congratulations!


Congratulation to Lightspeed Eliott who finished his Austrian Show Championship, and Lightspeed Express to Coldstream, who won into the highest Continental Agility class, class 3! Brother Lightspeed Everest participated in the Para Agility World Championship in the Dutch town Nijmegen and came 2nd on the 3rd of Sept. with this run:

Everest at an Agility show in his country:

 Flyte, Guin, Julie






Some summer pictures from the lovely Austrian mountains!


Congratulations to Bobby Dalziel and Joe (father of our Glen and Guin and the rest of the Lightspeed-G-litter)

who took the title Scottish National Champions 2011 (for the second time. They were also  Scottish Nat. Ch.2009 and  Supreme Champion2006) Pic: Sine Robertson



LS Candy, her daughter Belly, LS Elaine

This is a video of Lightspeed Elaine, winning in Agility on the 23t of July 2011:

Continental Qualification Trial Langenlois:

Winner class 2: Lightspeed Glenfiddich

Continental qualified: Lightspeed Darjeeling (2nd place)

Lady Julie (4th place)


Hohe Wand Trial: Open Class:

1st place: Lightspeed Darjeeling

2nd place: Lady Julie

Intermediate class (class 2)

1st place: Lightspeed Glenfiddich

4th place: Lightspeed Fire Flyte

1st class (beginners)

4th place: Lightspeed Guineveere



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