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Julie first, Darla second in big international open trial

On the 4th and 5th June 2011 Fritz Maierhofer, ex-club-president of the ASDS and organizer of the first (1998) Austrian Continental Championship organized a big international trial in Upper Austria in honour of his 70th birthday.
Big because we had a never-heard-of starter-field of 38 open class dogs, international because Fritz had invited most of Germany’s top handlers and some of the Swiss top handlers, to make for a very high standard of competition!
Fritz is a jewellery artist and had hand-crafted lovely prices for the best three on Saturday and Sunday respectively!
I am very proud to tell you that Julie’s daughter Darla (by my old Celtic) came second on Saturday (in-between Claus Börner’s two top dogs Snip and Del on first and third place) and Julie won the Sunday trial, being placed before the Swiss top handler Ruedi Roth’s on second place and Anita Hermes on third place.
To give you an idea how prominent the other handlers were: Ruedi has been a Continental starter for Switzerland 18 times, coming second 1987, second again with another dog in 1990 and third in 2006.
Claus Börner was 3rd in the Continental Championship once in 1994 and second in 1995, and has all his dogs trained to a wonderful standard!
Anita Hermes has been a German Continental team member 13 times and finalist 4 times.
All of the mentioned people are travelling Europe as judges and clinic trainers.
It was a realy lovely trial, and Julie had the best run of her life, with points in the 90-es I would say (of 100, no single). Sadly the score list was lost (!!!!!) by judge Simon Mosse, but maybe someone can tell me the exact points anyway. We tried to film, but of course, the camera gave up after the outrun and fetch!!!!! I would have loved to have that run to watch again!!!

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