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Lightspeed successes

At this year’s first Austrian sheepdog trial, 21., 22.nd of May 2011 in Kettenreith our dogs were very successful again:

Class 3: 1st place: Lightspeed Darjeeling

Class 2: 2nd place: Lightspeed Fire Flyte

Class 1: 1st place: Lightspeed Glenfiddich


this is a link to Glen’s run:

And at the Agility show in Korneuburg on the 27th of May, Lightspeed Eliott came first in class 1, Lightspeed Frodo 2nd and Lightspeed Fire Flyte 3rd in class 2!

As my little Guin is showing a lot of talent for spectacular Frisbee-jumps, I am currently trying to learn this new sport, too!

So: all the time we have lots of exciting activities for our Lightspeed Border Collies!



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Lightspeed Fire Flyte’s puppies by Avita

This is the beautiful landscape, where the Vulcano Country Border Collies, three happy horses and a little herd of goats live in the very south of Austria! Lightspeed Fire Flyte’s 8 lovely puppies from the J-litter from Vulcano Country (born in the middle of March 2011) have moved out! One very energetic boy that looks a lot like Flyte has come back to the breeders and is looking for a  new home, as the older dog in his supposed new home was not willing to accept him!

Mummy Avita and Granny Fly busisly at work teaching the puppies good manners!


This little girl is showing some herding style already! 😉

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The 3 Lightspeed I’s have opened their eyes!

Ian, full of good ideas allready!!

Little Ice


Baby-girl Ivory

The three Lightspeed I’s have opened their eyes and started to play! They are so cute!!

Little Guin, halfsister to the I’s is a dedicated puppy-minder, and officially authorized by mother Julie to baby-sit as much as she wants!!

Here the puppies are being visited for the first time!

Little video clips from the first puppy visit:


Lush green grass on the hills above Königstetten. The sheep love it, and we and the dogs love watching them!


Can you spot the sheep? Guin can!


Julie, happily sheep-watching, and her children, Glen, Guin, Flyte and Darla  working them!


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