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Puppies and lambs

 A litte video clip of Julie’s puppies by Blackie. All of them are doing very well. As there are only three pups, they have more than enough milk and round, sound and happy!

Just for fun a little training clip of Guin (14 months old, Julie X B. Dalziel’s Joe) training some Obedience exercises and having fun with her favorite toy, the Frisbee!

And this is how Guin is doing on sheep at the moment:

Brother Glen is already working on whistle commands:

And some pictures of the little black Heidschnucken-lambs that are populating our little sheep hill at the moment!


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Early I-litter

Sooner than expected the I-litter has arrived. Two boys and a little girl:

 Julie with her litter of three

 boy 1: a little Blackie

 boy Guin-lookalike

 and the little girl

First day pictures:

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Easter lambs and puppy plans

Our lambs are arriving now and are having a good time in the lovely April weather!

15 year old Celtic is in good form this spring and enjoys his outings, allthough he cannot hear anything, and does not try to work the sheep any longer! 🙂 He did trial until the age of 11, though!


Celtic’s daughter Darla is a bit jealous of her half-brother Glen, who gets a lot of training these days to get him fit for the trial season. Darla has been the Lightspeed star until now and is not too pleased by Glen getting that much attention by Wolfgang!

 Glen (Julie X Joe)


Julie is awaiting puppies by Blackie at Conquest around easter. She is quite round by now, terribly hungry, and has started to look for a nice nest for her pups. She has been considering to dig a nice hole under my bed, today, but I think I can still convince her to use the whelping box I have prepared for her, anyway! 🙂

Little Guin is very enthusiastic at everything she does and is really fun to train! Bold and fast and determined!

 The Lightspeed family resting under the cherry tree.

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