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new puppies: Flyte X Avita!!!

 On the 16th of March Avita from Vulcano Country gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies! The proud father is my young Lightspeed Fire Flyte!

Here is the link to their breeder’s homepage:

  bitch Nr 1

  Hündin 2

  bitch Nr 3

  bitch Nr 4

  bitch Nr 5

  dog Nr 1

  dog Nr 2

  dog Nr 3


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Agility-News: Eliott wins, Flyte and Frodo qualify for next class!

March, 5th 2011: Agility-competition in Pottendorf

1. place: Lightspeed Eliott:

4. place: Lightspeed Frodo:

6. place: Lightspeed Fire Flyte:

Julie ran in class 2, and finished on 9th place with a fault in the slalom.

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