Wedding under windmills: Julie X Blackie

On the weekend 19.-20th of Febuary 2011 Lady Julie visited Vice-World-Champion Ron Snoeck’s Welsh import dog Blackie of Conquest!

As Julie liked Blackie a lot, we hope to be able to announce a Lightspeed I-litter at the end of April 2011!


Lady Julie, BORC 1434, ISDS Julie 276433 , KC  AF0901309

father: D. Scrimgeour’s Ben
mother: R. Goutté’s Flair
1 CAC,
CEA-free, PRA-free, Kat-free (6 weeks and jan./11),
CEA-Carrier (Optigen),

Trial Kl3 (Open trial) Continental team member 07/07/09/10
BGH 1, BGH 3, GH1, GH2, GH3, Agility 1, 2
Second in ÖCBH-Cup 2007, Third in ÖCBH-Obedience-Cup 2007, Third in ASDS-Open-Trial-Cup 2008, Second in ÖCBH-Cup 2010, Fourth in ASDS-Cup 2010


Julie has been a marvel to have and to train. She was an extremely talented youngster with perfect style, pacing, sheep-sense and flanks from 6 months on.

She learnt very, very fast and ran in trial class 3 before the age of 2 years and qualified for the Continental in her first open trial season. She has since been a member of the Austrian Continental team each year, 2007-2010.

Not enough with that, she also learnt Competitive Obedience in no time at all, running in the highest class at two years of age. As a hobby she sometimes competes in Agility trials. Videos of Julie and her children Darla, Flyte, Frodo, Guin and Glen can be found on my Youtube account “synve1”

Blackie is a three year old dog, who is, as Julie, registered with the ISDS and with the FCI (direct KC export pedigrees)

He ran in the 2010 Welsh National and missed being qualified for the Supreme only by a close margin. In Autumn 2010 he was bought by Vice-World Champion Ron Snoeck as his new trialling prospect, and has been running very successfully for Ron since then. He will be Ron’s reserve dog for the 2011 World Trial in Cumbria.

Here is a small video clip of Blackie working:

Blackie is genetically CEA-normal and HD-free

He comes from a line of prominent and immensely successful British sheepdogs. His grandfather is R. Millichap’s Ben, second in the Supreme Qualifier 2003, Fifth in the World Ch. 2002, Seventh in the Supreme Ch. 1999, and father to many prominent sheepdogs, famous Supr. Ch. 2009 Dewi Tweed among them.

Blackies pedigree:

Blackie is quite exiting to watch, his movements are very precise, he is a superb listener and has excellent controll over his sheep and a lovely style. He is also very friendly with people and very correctly built, with straight legs and a strong and muscular back.

As both Julie and Blackie have quite a few ancesters with smooth coats we could possibly get a few smooth coated puppies as well. 🙂

In case you want to offer an excellent working home to a first class trialling or working puppy from this exiting litter, please email to:



  1. Petra said

    “As both Julie and Blackie have quite a few ancesters with smooth coats we could possibly get a few smooth coated puppies as well.”

    That is not possible… One of the parents MUST be smooth to get smooth puppies…

    • synve1 said

      Thanks for the comment! Do you breed Border Collies, too? Julie’s puppies are here, now.

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