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Darla third in Italian Open!


Finally the results of the Italian Open have been published: We are extremely proud to announce that Darla (Lightspeed Darjeeling) gained the third place in this high-class event! 6 runs on those two very different fields were a really worthy challenge and little Darla worked very consistently on both of them! We congratulate Freddy Potz from Germany with his Mac to his first price and Luca Fini with his well-known Dan to second place!!


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Italian Open

Last weekend we spent at the huge international Italian Open Trial in the lovely Toscana.

As it rained two of three trialling days, I didnt manage any pictures or films of the challenging trial fields. Field B was especially difficult, as the sheep were standing in a clearing in the woods and to run a decent outrun the dog had to be off the field and into the woods at least half-way on the outrun. This was very unusual and therefore not easy for the dogs. Additionally the sheep had to jump over three wide and deep ditches three times on each run. As it rained and rained on, these ditches filled with a lot of water eventually, so on the last day the dogs could only cross them by swimming.

To get the sheep to jump over cleanly three times they had to be manouvered very ery carefully. No wonder that on the first day only 12 of 44 dogs managed to complete field B.

Field A was a classical big trial field with a 350 meter outrun and a long drive. 

The landscape was lovely in spite of the weather and it was a great experience for our girls to work the two fields three times in succession. Both learnt the directed outrun on field B, and learnt to work there sheep carefully over ditches.

The Fattoria Rozzalupi was a beautiful setting for this high-class event, with lots of space for the many Border Collies that had come.

We are still waiting for results and will post them when we have heard something. Darla was placed on three of her six runs.

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