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Julie’s CSC-run

Julie’s run on Youtube:




Pen und Single:

As it was extremely hot, the handlers were allowed to put their dogs into the water at any convenient time. I chose to do so between the fetch and the drive.


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Summer Training and Continental Countdown

Continental-Countdown: We will be leaving for the Continental Sheepdog Championship in France this Tuesday! Keep your fingers crossed for Julie on Thursday evening an for Lightspeed Darjeeling (Darla) on Friday evening!

Lightspeed Fire Flyte and Lightspeed Glenfidditch have also profited from last week’s intensiv sheepdog training and have made great progress!

Of course one cannot train on sheep all the time so we did a lot of walks and swims to keep our dogs fit and healthy. Here is my team  cross-country-training together with young LeeLoo (Kim Guldenland)

LeeLoo, Lightspeed Guineveere, Lightspeed Fire Flyte, Lady Julie

And this is how they keep themselves amused when it is raining:

The extended Lightspeed family: above on the stone: Aslan and his daughter LeeLoo

Asparuch, Lyra and Guin, Julie, Flyte, Albena, Cedric and my old Celtic

Lightspeed Aragorn (Cedric)

and Lightspeed Blitz, who is awaiting puppies any day now by Rising Sun Ennis

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