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Hohe Wand Trial

A happy weekend in the lovely Hohe-Wand-region lies behind us! Darla came first on both Saturday and Sunday, with very clean runs on a difficult field, where all the other competitors had trouble with the tricky acoustics, that seemed to create a soundless hole around the drive gates!

Here is a video of Darla’s Sunday run:

Darla’s mother Julie came second on both days, showing slight difficulties with hearing her commands just around the gates, turning the sheep back through the cross-drive gate. But I am quite content with her, as many dogs did not seem to hear at all, turning the sheep back towards their handler before the gates.

When I was out there putting the sheep to the post I realized that there really was an area of very poor acoustic in the middle of the trial field!

As you can see we had lovely weather and the dogs had lots of fun, even the puppies Glen and Guin.


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Shows and Fun

Flyte watching the sheep being treated in the corner of the field.

Here I captured an typical Julie-expression on a foto, which reminds me of her last Obedience competition where she managed to collect three Zeros through having a bit too much fun for this sport:

Her favorite: moving forward in distance controll, then running to retrieve the (correct!!) dumbell slightly before the command, and: when I had to walk around the rectangle while she was lying down, she thought it was a very good idea to flip over on her back while I was on the opposite side of the rectangle. She had a lovely and thorough roll in the grass, flipping neatly over into the down position on her proper line when I got onto the last leg of my rectangle! Julie really had fun, but I am afraid, all those very serious Obedience people didnt really take us seriously!! 🙂

Here some of Julie’s favorite Obedience exercises:

directed retrieve:

Retrieving metall object over hurdle:


And here the Lightspeed-update on last weekend’s International Dog Show in Klagenfurt:

Lightspeed Eliott: CACA Saturday and Sunday! He now needs only one more CACA for his completed Champion title!

Lightspeed Candy: Excellent 2 on Sunday (and with her cup she won for third place in the Austrian National Championship in Agility)


Lightspeed Fire Flyte got an Excellent 2 on Saturday and a Very Good 2 on Sunday. (for being too light of build and not hairy enough) I was proud of him anyway, especially since he got very nice comments, also on his character.

And this is how we kept our dogs amused after the Saturday show :))

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Zony’s puppies: Hyperspace and Hypersonic

Lightspeed Hyperspace loves “flying”!

My puppy Lightspeeed Guineveere is already a wonderful aunt and “big sister” to Zony’s pups!

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