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Lightspeed fun and sport

Lightspeed Equinox showing her spectacular heeling style

Cute little Lightspeed Cleopatra

My own Lightspeed Fire Flyte, happily heelworking along!

My tired puppy Lightspeed Guineveere (Guin)

And Zony’s boy puppy (14 days old) has opened his eyes!


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Koralmtrial results: Julie third place, Darla 4th place

Darla (Lightspeed Darjeeling)


We finally got our results from last weekend’s Koralmtrial: Julie was third and her daughter Darla forth (of 23)! So, that’s not too bad. At the moment- with one more qualification trial to come they are both placed well for this year’s Continental Sheepdog Championship in France! So keep your fingers crossed!

Uploading trial videos takes quite long- so I’m a bit behind schedule! But here is Julie’s saturday run from the Grenzgängertrial (a month ago)

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News from Lightspeed pups

Here some pictures of Lightspeed Guinness, who seems to lead a fun-filled life with his own Sheltie and cat, and even coming along to the dog-school, already!!!

This is my own Lightspeed Guineveere, above playing with half-brother Lightspeed Fire Flyte, below a bit wet from this weekend’s rain.


Wolfgang’s Glen is practicing his shepherding moves on his dog friends!

And we want to congratulate Lightspeed Eliott, who got a wonderful 232 points(excellent)  in the GH1 (Obedience competion) and also won his first herding instinct test with fantastic 91/100 points.

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Trial training at Zicksee

All the Border Collies that came together for the trial training day were peaceful and highly social individuals, so they could run free and play, while the others were working. There is really a lot of free space on the Zicksee sheep-ranch!

Lightspeed Flow took along her family of Golden Retrievers who used the beautiful day for dummy training on the neighbouring fields.

Flow and half-sister Darla

Flyte and Freni

Hot dogs cooling down in the middle of the day

First sheep-contact in the pen

Waiting for their turn

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Some more pictures from my stay in Norway: this is my aunt baking the traditional “krumkaker” with an old form iron. This is actually a a Christmas sweet, but I did appreciate it very much for my birthday, too!! 🙂

And here the result: krumkaker waiting to be devoured by the whole (and steadily growing) family. In the background the tradional birthday cake.

And here a cuddly picture of my family’s lovely whippets! Whoever is looking for a easy-to-handle dog: that needs very little except your love and a lot of cuddling on your sofa:  consider a cat-like Whippet!

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Sunny May-Sunday

As it is raining this week, I’d like o share last Sunday’s pictures with you! Such a wonderful sunny weekend we had! On Saturday we had a herding seminar at the huge flat fields on Zicksee near the Hungarian border.

The Sunda was a herding test weekend and I am proud to announce, that my little Flyte passed the Hütehundeprüfung, the more difficult one of the herding tests for breeding. He got a 3rd place on strong-willed sheep in quite high grass, and I am very proud of him, even though he didnt want to take a lot of my lie-down-commands as he felt he wouldnt be able to see his sheep if he lay down! 🙂

Lightspeed Eliott passed the “Erweiterte Anlagenprüfung” with fantastic 93/100 points and a well-deserved 1st place. He was a really good boy indeed!!

The rest of this May day we spent in basking in the spring sun and the fresh green grass and  and just having fun with our wonderful dogs!

Darla and her half-brother Flyte

My funny Italian girl Freni

Our next generation: Wolfgang’s Glen and my own Guin, both by my wonderful Lady Julie and B. Dalziel’s Sup. Ch. Joe.

Zony is already very very round and preparing for her litter by Swiss National herding Champion and Continental team member Ballyglass Cliff, expected this weekend!

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