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Visiting my cousin’s whippet kennel: Velvet Revolution


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Julie wins first Continental Qualification trial!

The puppies have moved out to there new homes. All but the two we are keeping, that is: Wolfgang`s new hope for the future is little Glen with the tanned leg, and my little girl is Gina, who I will probably rename Guin. I`m still trying out for a calling name!!!

Julie managed to time her litter absolutely perfectly so that she wouldnt miss the first Continental Qualification trial held in the far South of Austria.

The sheep were quite testing- running away and jumping over the fence whenever they saw a chance!! So I am extremely proud of little Julie who was in absolutelt mint condition after her litter, not showing any fatigue, lack of stamina or lack of training at all!!

Darla should have been first, really, but as it was, Julie finished first alltogether, as a lot of other dogs had quite a few troubles with the sheep. Of the 21 dogs competing in Open Class Darla came 7th with the best points of the dogs that had to retire on one day.

I also ran little Flyte in class 1, my young Julie-son, and am proud to tell that he finished 3rd, alltough I messed up his cross-drive-gate for him!!!

So we are very, very  content with our Lightspeed family!!!

There were two trial days: on Saturday she came second behind her daughter Darla, on Sunday Darla had splendid high-score-run up until the cross-drive-gate, when the sheep suddenly decided to run for it and jump the fence! No chance for Darla at all!

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pack life and pet passports

Julie’s puppies are now vaccinated and have got their own pet passports. They are also comfortable with “pack life” and good at knowing the nice puppy aunts apart from the proud young dogs that dont want to be bothered by the puppies.





Gillian in the outdoor puppy crate

Lightspeed Blitz

Lightspeed Aragorn (Cedric), also father of the Lightspeed F-litter

Good old Whenway Celtic Tradition and his grand-son Lightspeed Fire Flyte

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