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Puppy fun indoors

We’re having heavy rains here again, so the puppies had to stay indoors! That’s as well as they have to gain some weight again, since they have been having such a lot of fun outdoors in the last days that they are a bit on the lean side now! Below: Guinness being weighed.


Even when it rains there is lots of fun to be had indoors. We opened the famous ball-box! Here you can see how much fun the puppies have been having:


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puppy eye test: all clear!

Gillian vorne, Gina, GlenGinaTante FreniGordonMama JulieTante Freni, Tante Zony

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visitors on the sheep field

This little guy has moved into our sheep field and was nice enogh to pose for a foto!

Today’s adventurous puppies were Guinness, Glen and Gina

That was Guinness, and below little tricolor Glen

As you can see the puppies are fetching their first sheep already! ;))


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a nice day for training


Very concentrated work today: Cleo (Bela vom Sonnigen Garten)and Alena, Kurt with Bea vom Sonnigen Garten, Erika with Lightspeed Frodo

Video Frodo:

Video Flyte:

Lightspeed Fire Flyte and Lightspeed Frodo

Gillian and Gael were chosen for today’s excursion:

Gael, tried her mini-vampire-moves (jumping, climbing over and biting) on good-natured Zony.

Gillian stole Freni’s harness and had a lot of fun with it.


Zony knows exactly how to show the puppies how far they can go. That way the puppies learn to communicate well with other dogs.

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We congratulate:

Lightspeed Antares, who came third in this year’s Agility Winter Cup!!! Antares was already in last year’s World Championship team, so he is in excellent form at the moment!!

Lightspeed Candy, who won the Tattendorfer Wintercup-run in A1, 14th of March 2010. You can see her run on this video:

And Julie’s breeder Roy Goutté, who bred Jaffson’s Black Magic, who came second in the Chruft’s Obedience World Cup 2010 with his owner Mish Dunscombe!!!

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Spring near the Danube

Since the weather is getting nice and sunny, the first two puppies got to accompany us on a little walk on the banks of the Danube.

Zony (being sniffed by Guinness)

Guinness let Freni teach him to design lovely holes in the ground!!!

And he practiced his working style!

On the whole Glen and Guinness prefered to be cuddled, though, while the adult dogs had fun in the background!

And this is what Sky looks like, who is expecting puppies by Agility Vice World Champion Jason this weekend!! According to the ultrasound there are going to be lots of future little Agility-stars! 🙂

The sitting girls are our current Lightspeed mummies:  Sky (upcoming H-litter), Freni, Zony (upcoming I-litter), Flyte, Julie (current G-litter), her puppies Glen and Guinness, Darla


Lovely sunny spring weather near the Danube!!! By now the puppies were quite exhausted and asleep in our arms!!

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Lightspeed Glenfiddich

Lightspeed Gaelic Storm

Lightspeed Guineveere

Lightspeed Gillian

Lightspeed Gordon

Lightspeed Guinness

And here some bonus pictures of Glen and Gina!

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