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A very round and hungry Julie!!!

A little round Julie! In about two weeks the secret will be lifted and we will know how many little Joes are hidden beneath her dense winter coat!!

We cant wait to meet the little ones and have been brainstorming on names with a G for weeks!

I wonder how many tricolors there will be!!!!

Although Julie is too round to do much training, and much too hungry to manage to even do a proper heelwork, we still take part in the dog intelligence studies at the Viennese University of Biology.

This is Julie learning to remember symbols on the computer: she has to chose and nose-touch the symbol she was shown previously!

And this is her son Flyte, who is in the other group and has to chose and touch the symbol he was NOT shown beforehand.

Some combinations of symbols seem to be much more difficult that others: here for example Flyte has to chose the symbol on the left hand side, which is much smaller than the brightly beckoning red flower symbol to the right.

It seems that dogs prefer to chose big, solid, dark objects to smallish, light-coloured ones.  Just look at poor little Flyte’s reproachful look, when he gets it wrong!


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New Lightspeed litter planned!

We are also proud to announce the following planned litter especially for Agility-enthusiasts:


On the 27th of January 2010 Lightspeed Evening Sky (Canyonland Arizona Dream X Ace del Mulino Prudenza), HD-, ED-, OCD-free, CEA-, PRA-, cat.-free, CEA genetically free, MDR1 ++ was mated by Jason of Jennifer’s Bonfire, Agility WM-member 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, Vice-World-Champion 02, Team Vice-World Champion 01, Austrian Vice-National Champion 07 und 09 (Chiara of Mount Sterling X Highland Dreamer) HD-frei,  CEA-, PRA-, cat-free, CEA carrier.


We are very proud of our exceptional E-litter, who are doing extremely well in sports and have all been completely health checked with excellent results!

Here are some videos of Sky in Agility:

Although Lightspeed Evening Sky has an ISDS-registration this litter will not be ISDS-registered, as the father is a pure Agility dog. This litter is meant especially for Agilty-competitors. As both parents are not selected for or trained in shepherding, we cannot make any predictions as to the puppies’ herding abilities except that they will probably show strong interest in sheep.

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Sorry: Herding days in January cancelled due to heavy snowfall

For those of you interested in winter-herding: We will try to host training-days in January, weather permitting.

We will not take too many dogs, so as not to stress the sheep too much. Our sheep are situated in Horn, in the north of Austria.

Please tell us in case you are interested to come and please remember to check with us just before coming, to see if snow and weather make it possible to train.


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Julie X Joe


This is Bobby Dalziel’s wonderful Supreme Champion, Scottish National Champion Joe. In the middle of December 09 Julie and I flew up to Sweden, where he is staying over the winter to make lots of Swedish sheepdog girls very happy.

I didnt get to see Joe in action on the sheep, as Bobby is afraid his great training shape could suffer if he was worked. So he is just to have a quiet winter, gathering his strength for the next Scottish trialling season!

But I was very impressed by Joe’s friendly nature. His will-to-please was easy to see even without sheep, as Ann could tell him to mount a bitch and to stop at her whim. Very impressive.

You can also easily see right into his honest soul through his expressive eyes:

And this is Ann with Ballyglass Jed, both are a pleasure to watch at work.

I even got to help out a little in shearing about half of the herd. Below: this is what the collected wool of 70 sheep looks like!

 Sincere thanks to Ann and her great hospitality. Julie and I enjoyed our stay very much. Getting some quality training on her lovely Gotland sheep was no problem as Ann’s farm lies all surrounded by trial fields.

Spending five days at Ann’s place was a real treat, as was meeting her charming dogs. Sincere thanks also to Ann for all the help in getting about in lovely rural Sweden, in organizing all the paperwork and all the work with the rather complicated Swedish train tickets!

This is her homepage: www.lantstä

And to the very hospitable Ingrid and Nils with “the King’s sheep” in the beautiful nature reserve Lekeberga, who put me up for one night without knowing me at all, served me a great meal, showed me their lovely dogs and wouldnt let me leave without a week’s ration of their homemade sheep products! I’m so sorry I didnt have the  possibility to see their farm, the reserve and the dogs (Border Collies and working kelpies) by daylight, but hopefully there will be another chance for that.

By now Julie is already getting quite round, so we are hoping for puppies by the middle of Febuary 09. You can find more information about this litter here:

My thanks also to Angie Driscoll in GB, who helped me with locating Joe and sent me all his papers before I went to Sweden!

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Flyte’s trial debut

Lightspeed Fire Flyte and Lightspeed Aragorn

My little boy Flyte (Lightspeed Fire Flyte, son of Lady Julie and Lightspeed Aragorn) competed in his first class 1 trials around New Year. I am extremely pleased with his performance: he was actually a great help on the trial field, calm and controlled and totally in charge of the sheep, convincing them to cooperate calmly through his soothing but firm presence. In three runs he came first twice and third once. One of the runs he finished with 96/100 points, really perfect! I am very proud of my little boy, who has just turned one year in December!

Flyte Teil 1:

Flyte Teil 2:

Flyte Teil 3:

Flyte is also doing very well in beginners’ Obedience and came first in a BGH1-competition some days after his first birthday, with 96/100 points.

Flyte was just x-rayed for HD-, ED and OCD and I am very happy to tell, that he is free of all these.

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